UTMB RN-BSN program

  1. Has anyone here done this program? How was your experience with the online classes and how long did it take you to complete?
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  3. by   TexasNurseEducator
    I completed their program this past April. Should have been December but, I took a semester off. Program fine and amount of work doable. My only complaint is similiar to most others. Their is always someone that does not do their part in the group projects. Some semesters you get to pick others the instuctors pick. One semester I got one that was always late and we had to do her work and another whose work was sub par and when we discussed it she only wanted a C out of the class. We at least got to grade our group members which counted for 10% of grade but, I hate group projects in a situation like this where there is no real contol or consequence. One group lost 2 people due to dropping out and still had same amount of work. Again, overall program was fine. I would do again and plan to do online for my masters after a break.
    Good luck and stay organized with those test dates. Miss one and a zero it is for you.
    Take care,
  4. by   Designer NP
    Thanks TXNurseEducator! I finally got an answer. I'm applying this month. Group projects, huh? I hate doing them online for this exact same reason. Its nice to know that the program is doable though. Did ou work full-time when in school?
  5. by   Designer NP
    I forgot to ask...how are clinicals handled?
  6. by   TexasNurseEducator
    Yes, I worked full time the entire time. That is one of the reasons I took a brief break. I was at a job that was demanding too many hours and projects. You know how it is when you are a salaried employee. As far as clinicals they were all very doable. Not huge hour committments. Many sites with affiliations with the school to choose from and you can set up your own as well just start early in the semester for the ones with clinical as there are forms that must get to the right person and be signed. I did this for my management clinicals and set up something within a short distance from my home. All of the other clinicals mostly involved projects are picking patients. The hardest one to me was the community one in which we had to pick a city/zip code area and do a lot of research like the top 10 morbidity rates and the water quality for the Research course. Out of all the courses research took the most time. Take a deep breath and take one semester at a time. It is okay to take a break or go slower to save your sanity.
  7. by   CrispyRN
    I'm in the program now...I have a house, husband, dogs and a full time job and it's still very doable. I'm a bit of a procrastinator and still get it all done. No clinicals. You have to have your chemisty done to get in.
  8. by   pink4
    I'm currently in and associate degree program fort RN and am hoping to go to UTMB for
    My bsn... How was the application process... Was it difficult to get into the program!? Thanks
  9. by   hRayRN
    I have seen that you have to have your four sciences to get in and I have A n P I, II, Micro and nutrition...but I plan on taking Chem in the summer?? Someone said you have chem done before entering I was under the assumption that you have to have chem before entering but not before applying...someone shed light please
  10. by   hopefulprayers1
    You are correct. They require 8 credits in science to be completed by application.
  11. by   kittyn
    Are the sciences have to be done within a certain time frame prior to applying/entering the program? Thanks!
  12. by   hopefulprayers1
    I believe its five years
  13. by   hRayRN
    Did you interview for the RN-BSN?