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  1. I will be relocating to Galveston in one month. My husband was accepted into medical school at UTMB. I have been trying to get a job with UTMB. I have been a nurse for one year and have been working a large, trauma one, county facility. I have filled out several applications, but when I call to follow up on applications I have been told that there is no way to follow up on an application. Without giving the lady my name, application number, social, etc., I was just told if my application is still active then it's been forwarded if I meet their qualifications and the manager of the unit would contact me if they wanted an interview. I understand how procedures work at county/state/government facilities...but I applied over one month ago. Has anyone out there ever applied to UTMB also? Or works at UTMB to offer some insight on their specific process.
    Thanks for any info!!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Welcome to our corner of the world!

    Sorry you're having so much hassle with UTMB & I can't really provide any useful insight into that situation. However, you may want to look at other facilities within commuting distance if it's really important to get a job right away. Take a look at the Texas City & Clear Lake areas as well as Memorial Hermann Southeast. These are all on the I-45 corridor. Since you have experience, I am sure they will all be very friendly.

    I wouldn't recommend trying to get anything closer to Houston... not so far distance-wise, but the traffic can be a real nightmare.

  4. by   smilingbig
    Thank you! I had been looking into the hospital in Texas City, but hadn't come across Memorial Hermann Southeast. I have looked and they certainly have some opportunities available that I am interested in. I appreciate your response!!