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Hello All, I am not sure if a thread has already started for the Bacc2 program,but I wanted to stay updated on the status of all the hopefuls out here. The deadline is soon approaching so hopefully I... Read More

  1. by   NinaAnder1225
    Sorry to hear that. Have you called the schools to ask? I think people are just waiting on financial aid and scholarship rewards to make an informed decision.
  2. by   cmarcos
    Hey guys, I just applied to the program on Feb. 1st. I haven't been sent to supplemental yet. I was told I would get it at the end of the month. I wonder why they extended the deadline so far? For those of you that got in, did any of you have a TEAS score below 80? Mine was 78.9 and I'm not sure that it is good enough. I don't know why they would put me through the trouble of filling out a supplemental if they are going to deny me.
  3. by   marikadanielle
    Just wanted to be sure that no one has access to sections 4-9 of the online training sessions yet?
  4. by   marikadanielle
    Marcos - I'm not really sure on what their cut off point are for TEAS scores. But, it doesn't hurt to give them a call and ask them any of these questions. Everyone that I have spoken with thus far has been extremely friendly and willing to help. Good luck!
  5. by   haniak
    I haven't seen 4-9 on the Knowledge Center yet either.
  6. by   marikadanielle
    Thanks for replying, haniak! Just wanted to be sure that I wasn't skipping over it somehow.
  7. by   NinaAnder1225
    Do we have to email Ms. R**** with the training certificate that is due today, or does she still want them all at once?
  8. by   marikadanielle
    I'm not sure, Nina. I'm confused about that as well! They seemed very specific that we were to email them once we had completed all of them, though. So, although I have completed the first 2 plus both HIPPAs, I haven't submitted any. I'm sticking to what they emailed us which was "submit all together".
  9. by   NinaAnder1225
    I just noticed that the certificate displays the date that the training was completed, so we should be okay not turning them in now. I'll post an update if I see the remainder of the trainings up.
  10. by   disperado75
    HI GUYS, I am just wondering if the school send you the SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION, do you have a chance to get to the program ? I got mine last week and I am just wondering how long does it take them to make a decision????? Thank you
  11. by   NinaAnder1225
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but everyone gets the supplemental application. It is part of the application process. They decide a couple weeks after, I believe.
  12. by   Ashley2561
    Hey Guys, I've got one question and one comment:

    1. Since our computer choice is due March 14th, which computer are y'all looking into getting?

    2. Our online training for nursing school is up: Course Catalog - Nursing Student - 4 through 9 are listed
  13. by   NinaAnder1225
    I will be getting the small MAC. Are we required to email Mrs. R**** and let her know which laptop it is? I haven't heard any information regarding the computers or when we have to pay.