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  1. by   Jenn8427
    Your HESI review book is a good resource too!
  2. by   Jenn8427
    Took the HESI today and over all I got an 89%. In all honesty, right when I began the test, I couldn't wait for it to be over. I think I was still drained from yesterday's TEAS. I spent 3 hours taking the TEAS, I took 2 hours for the HESI. I didnt give it my all but I'm pretty happy with A&P score. I haven't taken anatomy yet so I was surprised (at my school they dont combine A&P as a class). The kicker though - I signed up through Baylor, thinking I was still interested at the time to apply there, changed my mind but kept the test, since I can just transfer scores. Well, Baylor doesn't require CT and it wasn't even listed, so now I have to go back, pay the fee and take the CT section. I was worried if I had to reschedule I would have to take the whole test but I called evolve, and they said it wasn't necessary. I'll actually go trough the uthsc and sign up through them.
  3. by   carlajeanx3
    Yikes! So are you just going to re-take the whole thing? 89 isn't too bad of a score especially since you did take a 4 hour test the day before! I was so drained just after taking the HESI! I didn't think you could just take one section but I hope thats the case! I would hate to have to re-take any of those tests. :/
  4. by   Jenn8427
    According to who I spoke to on the phone at evolve, I didn't have to take the other portions again. I just don't know if I sign up for version 1 or version 2. Why couldn't all the sections be on there and you take what you need? I'll have to pay $90 to take a section that's going to take, what 30 min??? Oh and then I checked again, my score is 86.9, which is weird... When I clicked out of the test my score was 84.6, check at home it was an 89, last few times I checked it was an 86. I know I'm not imagining things, so I don't know what's going on with the system. Honestly, if I can get a really good CT score, then I won't worry with my 86%. I know I COULD do better taking it more serious/more focused, but dang it, I dont want to lol. We'll see. They let you take up to 2 times.
  5. by   carlajeanx3
    Did you check with UTHSC? I thought I heard from somewhere that if you dont take one section you have to just retake the whole exam.. not sure if thats 100% true or not.. I may have seen that in a FAQs somewhere. That is pretty stupid they would charge you another 90$ for just the CT section.. hmm..
  6. by   Jenn8427
    Honestly, I'm just annoyed and dont even want bother with it until after next week. So much for a stress free vacation.
  7. by   carlajeanx3
    I definetly hear you on that one! Don't worry about it and try to have fun!! Enjoy it before you have to stress over classes again! Everything will work out .
  8. by   Jenn8427
    Thanks! I think I finally recovered lol. If I have to retake it, then I have to retake it. I think I'll wait until maybe October/November. By then I can study and give it my full, instead of half-a** it like the first attempt. Scheduling back to back tests was not a good idea lol but I'll be ok
  9. by   blessygrace
    Thank you carlajeanx3. That’s helps a lot and you have awesome stats. I have one question to those who are applying to UT-Houston, did you all submit your application in MyUT website before taking the HESI test? We can start submitting our application now for fall 2013.right? And also starting from September 1, I think the non-refundable application fees will be $60. (now its only $30).
  10. by   carlajeanx3
    Thank you! Glad to help! I would deffinetly submit your application before sending in your HESI scores. I dont think it matters but I have a friend who was on admissions for a nursing school and she advised me that it was better to have an application on file before sending in any transcripts, scores, etc.. so that there is a place for them and they aren't just sitting in a pile somewhere. $60.. yikes! Even more reason to get that application in early!
  11. by   Jesbustos
    Taking the HESI this week. Any tips? I'm stressing so bad I wish I knew what to expect!! So I could study and focus on whatever is on there. Any help?
  12. by   frelmh
    Hi all!! I plan to apply for fall as well. Do I need to be working on shots?
  13. by   frelmh
    I plan to apply. Do I need to be taking any shots right now?