UTHSC Bacc 2 Changes Summer 2011

  1. Just wanted to pass on new information I have received - UT Houston is changing their accelerated second degree program (Bacc 2) effective this Summer 2011. Here are the changes:

    1. Program is now 4 semesters instead of 3.
    2. More face time in the medical center is required - previously all coursework was online, with only clinicals once per week in med center; now clinicals AND coursework will be in the med center. I was told that online coursework would only be a "component."

    I heard this information from a friend that works with the UT System, and I called the Admissions Office and verified the information myself this morning. Their response is that they are sending letters to all the applicants this week.

    What I don't understand is:

    Why can't they wait until 2012 to make these changes? People have spent quite a bit of money applying for this program the way it currently is - for some people, the new changes will not work for them, so they have basically just lost their money.

    Why haven't they updated their website? They are really dragging their feet letting anyone know about these changes.

    Why did they wait until after the application deadline had passed to let out this information? Was this a spur of the moment decision?

    I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping that enough people interested in this program will pressure UT into waiting until the following cycle of students to start these changes. This late in the game seems very unfair and definitely not at all beneficial to the students. This is people's lives and plans we are talking about here, people have depended on this program being a certain way. Please respond with any information you may find out. I am hoping everyone will at least place a phone call expressing their dissatisfaction with the new program.

    What's the point of an accelerated program if really it's the same as the traditional program? What benefit is there?
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  3. by   whitfield
    I will confirm that I have heard these changes from the UT office as well. It is definitely unfortunate for those applicants who were specifically counting on the online-only nature of the course material and shorter timeline.

    For me personally, I think there are great changes and address the concerns that I had with the program as it was previously structured.

    As for the timeline, while the program is being lengthened by roughly 2-3 months (the addition of a 4th semester over the summer), this still keeps the program to about 15 months, which is more in-line for many accelerated programs around the country.

    I think UT is putting into place some excellent restructuring to allow more support for the accelerated students. No doubt not everyone will be thrilled with the changes, but I for one think they are great!