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  1. I just received a letter saying that I have been placed on the waiting list for fall 2005 admission to UTA school of nursing.I must say that this is not the ideal position for me, but I just want to know if anyone has been on the UTA waiting list,or has been on a waiting list somewhere besides UTA. If so, could you please tell me how long the wait normally last. And did you finally get in? Do I need to do something to boost my chances ? I am just about to give up. I contacted the school to know where I stand on the list, but all they can tell me is that I am in a comfortable spot. Any hope for wait listed candidates?
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  3. by   foxyhill21
    I was on the waiting list at TWU, but thank GOD, they sent me a letter about 2 weeks later. Do give up on nursing, just found other schools to apply too. U will get in somewhere.
    Here are some other school in DFW area
    1. www.twu.edu
    2. www.baylor.edu
    3. www.tcu.edu
    4. www.dcccd.edu
    6. tarrent country
  4. by   roxannehdz
    I am sorry to hear that you were placed on waiting list at UTA. I am attending nursing school at TAMIU in Laredo Texas and that I know no one has ever been placed in waiting list. This is an excellent nursing school and the profressors are extremely helpful. The homepage adress is tamiu.edu if you are intrested.