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  1. Hi everyone!! I've already bought most of the books that I need to start nursing school this fall... but has anyone purchased any of the supplies???? where did you get them and at what price??? and anyone has any good suggestions on where to park...
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  3. by   TexasTac
    Hi Sunkiss. I think the only supplies I have ever used (and I am going into my fourth semester) is my stethoscope and my pen light. There is a place on Fannin called Major Books, you can find almost anything you will need there. May I also recommend buying the Saunders comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN exam, I use the Saunders book to study for tests ALL THE TIME.

    I park at the two dollar lot that use to be across from Astro World (now demolished) and ride the Metro train in. I'm not sure if a Metro pass will be available for purchase this year, but the pass enables you to ride the rail (or bus) for free.

  4. by   tictac
    ^^Is that the parking lot behind Sams Club? How far from the SON does the Metrorail drop you off? I am so unfamiliar with the Med Center and parking, etc. I'm still trying to figure out the best place to park.
  5. by   TexasTac
    Yes, it is the lot behind Sam's Club.

    The train stops right by the UT tower, across from the bus station. The walk to school is about a block, you walk behind the new MD Anderson building.

    There is parking for $8 a day very near the school, brown lot I think. You can take the shuttle from the parking lot to school.
  6. by   tictac
    Oh, okay. Thanks! Where is the brown lot located? Is that the same as the South Extension lot? Sorry for so many questions!
  7. by   cfavors
    How much were your books for your first semester? I'm applying now for Fall 2007. Also, how is school? Is it really hard? What day did you get your lab for Adult Health Care Assessment. I am so excited but yet nervous. What was your gpa when applying to school?
    Thanks for your help,
  8. by   ree-nee
    The prices on the books really depends--u can buy lots online used for about half and they are just as good...u wont use most of them though...i bought a nutrition book and havent even cracked it open yet and ill b startin the 2nd semester in a couple of weeks...if i could do it over again i would just buy the 2-3 essential books and scrap the rest ...i spent about 500 total...Its not hard , just challenging. There is lots to juggle at once. I would invest in a good laptop bc that's most peoples lifeline in class (there are network ports to hook up to the network at each chair in the auditorium)...my gpa was 3.89 which is about average for most of us....But overall, YES its tough but possible...

    c ya