University of Houston-Victoria second degree BSN spring 2013

  1. Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?
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  3. by   adrianneee
    I am! I wish you the best of luck! I was surprised there was no thread on the spring 2013 program.
  4. by   Jude19
    Quote from saw46
    Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?
    I am applying for the Spring cohort as well. Thanks for setting up the thread.
    I am very nervous about the competitive nature of the program, and especially about not finding out if we get accepted until December. Doesn't leave a lot of room for plan B.
  5. by   adrianneee
    I totally agree with you! Very nerve-wracking.
  6. by   dman03
    Quote from saw46
    Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?
    I'm currently in the 2012 graduating class...if anyone has any questions, I'll be here to help! Good luck everyone!
  7. by   Jude19
    Thanks Dman03!!! I do have several burning questions.

    How do you feel about the low pass rate for the NCLEX in the past? Was that addressed? Do you think your class will be successful when it comes to testing?

    Do you know what the cut off and/or averages for GPA and TEAS scores was for your class?
    lastly, do you like it? Would you choose the program again? Do you think most ofclassmates feel the same?

    Thansk so much!!
  8. by   dman03
    ABSN hopefully,

    The NCLEX rate that people are seeing (I haven't even looked or seen it) isn't the real pass rate. Dr. Tart, the dean of the school, explained it to us that since they graduate in December and take NCLEX January - March then some people hadn't taken it yet by the time the scores were tallied. So the scores that are online aren't the true scores. As far as taking the NCLEX I know I'll pass it. I feel confident that if I take it now I'll pass and I still have one more semester!! The classes are geared towards NCLEX so the things we learn in class are the important issues that NCLEX tests on. Even during lecture the professors will say things like "You need to know this for NCLEX" etc. I'll say this about the school, the faculty really care about us. They want the best for us, they want us to do great and be great nurses. They are very passionate about that. I would definitely choose it again! It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but honestly, after the first semester it's all down hill from there! First semester: hardest thing ever!! Second semester: not as hard, still studied A LOT! And we shall see about the third semester.

    On to GPA/TEAS scores: My cumulative GPA wasn't even above a 3.0 so don't let that scare you. My science GPA was 3.66 and cumulative 2.91 so I think my science GPA got me in! When it came down to trying to get in, I addressed my low GPA in my nursingcas statement. I had a bad semester my senior year of college so I made sure they knew that was the reasoning behind going below 3.0. I just looked up my TEAS scores and I had an adjusted score of 78.7% and percentile ranking of 86%. Those don't even sound like good scores and I got in!! I can't say that I know the average GPA/TEAS scores that my classmates have. I never thought to ask! I just know I'm thankful that I got in out of all the people that interviewed!! And when it comes to interviewing, make sure you participate and be a step above the rest! I guarantee that I got in because I took charge of my group interview process and was standing up and giving ideas to my group.

    I would definitely choose this school again and I think my classmates would too! This school is really in to group work so the people you are in class with will end up being your best friends. I love my new friends and you will need a tight group to get through this. To prep for tests you're given the topics in which you should know and our groups would split up the blue prints and help each other out. So make sure when you start that you find friends that you can trust!!

    Good luck everyone
  9. by   adrianneee
    Hi dman03,

    I have a couple of questions as well! I have tried emailing an advisor but no such luck in getting a response...

    1.) Do I need to submit my transcripts to UHV additionally? I know to submit to NursingCAS but wanted to double-check if they need to go to UHV as well.

    2.) Does proof of CPR certification and immunizations need to be submitted to UHV prior the application deadline?

    3.) What has been the drop-out rate since beginning the program?

    4.) Do you have any time for friends/social life?

    Thanks so much!
  10. by   adrianneee
    good question!
  11. by   dman03
    1. Contact ******, Student Recruitment Coordinator, 361 570-4297, Toll Free 1-877-970-4848 ext. 4297, Fax 361 580-5596.
    2. CPR certification before school starts and immunizations started (but doesn't have to be complete) before school starts. I thought they had to be complete by the time January rolled around but others were still working on theirs so as long as you start your series of shots that take 6 months to complete you'll be fine.
    3. We started with 54 and was down to 39 at the summer session. Now going into the fall we lost 5 more. Some people actually gave up in the first semester so not all of those numbers are failures. I think a few people actually dropped out before the end of the semester (like before the drop date and get a W on your transcript). So yes the program is hard but stay focused and study. But don't just study, understand it!! Try to get things to make sense in your mind and not just memorize. That's the best thing for you.
    4. I still have time for friends/social life because I make myself have time for it! I am married with two kids so my social life revolves around them, but honestly sometimes it feels like I don't have a life anymore, but it's ok b/c you're gonna have such good friends in the program that it's not that bad! Right now we are on a two week break and 3 of my days have been spent with nursing school friends because we have gotten that close. I've definitely made lifelong friends so even when stuck in a 5 hour class it's not that bad because I have my girls with me! Hope that makes sense!!
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  12. by   Jude19
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!
  13. by   adrianneee
    Thank you Dman for all your help! Just to clarify, I do not need to send proof of CPR certification and immunizations with my application? It can wait until later correct?
  14. by   dman03
    Send what you have if you have it. I didn't get CPR certified til I knew I got in in December. I however, did have my immunizations so I sent that in. I'd start the immunizations and send what you have if it asks for it.