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  1. by   adrianneee
    Got the interview!! Woohoo to everyone!
  2. by   boo_ah_peek
    Nothing changed on ApplyTexas that I saw, but I found this on last years message board:

    here was the second email i recieved:

    many of you have had questions regarding the application to uhv or the fast pass form. the fast pass form will be posted on our uhv nursing website,[color=#234786], under resources starting wednesday, november 2, 2011. once the form is posted, please fill it out and bring with you to the interview.
    when applying to uhv, it will take 24-48 hours to generate and then you will receive an email from uhv with your student id number. once you have your student id number, you will be able to set up your uhv email account. please follow the steps below when setting up your uhv email account:
    [FONT=symbol]- create new application
    [FONT=symbol]- select uhv
    [FONT=symbol]- select transfer undergraduate
    [FONT=symbol]- select 4 year university
    [FONT=symbol]- select spring 2012 semester
    [FONT=symbol]- select school of nursing
    [FONT=symbol]- select nursing major
    please do not submit your transcripts to uhv. we have your transcripts through nursingcas and we can access your nursingcas account if we need to.
    please contact student solutions if you have any questions regarding setting up your uhv email accounts or applying to uhv. their number is 361-573-0000 (victoria area) or toll free 1-800-687-3738 (outside victoria).
    So you were right resilient!
  3. by   DeeGeeNurse2Be
    @sesamestreet I don't know which school I would choose. I've been really torn. I've heard nothing but good things about UTMB but I graduated from UH, it's near home for me, and starts 6 months earlier lol. I heard UHV is more group based and UTMB is more individual work. I guess if I don't get an interview with UHV then my decision might not be too hard
  4. by   resilient
    Thanks for finding this boo_ah_peek, I was a little skeptical about sending my application in that way. Has anyone receive an attachment or link for the Fast Pass application. It says that it was attached but I only have three picture attachments. I'm kinda confused on where I complete my criminal background check.
  5. by   boo_ah_peek
    I just called about the Fast Pass and they are sending out information in about thirty minutes!
  6. by   Pana21
    Hey ya'll I am new to the thread and I just received my acceptance email and letter from u of h.... Can we start on the fast pass ASAP?
  7. by   Chocolate88
    I got my interview email yesterday as well and got the Fast Pass info today. Were ya'll able to register on Fast Pass? Everytime I selected yes for student, it would say I'm not on the Nursing Board something. I emailed ******* about it and she asked if I sent in my ss form... I haven't heard back from her yet. This was around 3-4pm today.

    Were ya'll able to register for Fast Pass?

    See ya'll during the Interview!!
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  8. by   Pana21
    I will try tomorrow but I didn't know that I was invited because the email was in my inbox since yesterday. I pretty much counted uh out cuz I thought I wouldn't get in and boy was I surprised!
  9. by   mrmrz3
    Hello everyone---I have a question about the applytexas application. Did you all fill in all the background information, my main question is about the extracurricular activities etc page--are we supposed to fill all of that out?

    Also, on the area which asks which will be your primary campus, do we pick either sugar land or cinco ranch? or just sugar land?
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  10. by   islander09
    I filled out the entire app just as if I hadn't ever given them any information before - and in regards to your second question I chose Sugar Land becasue that is the campus I definitly want to be at should I get accepted.
  11. by   Pana21
    I also filled out the app as I never applied but I just transferred info from another app so it was faster for me. I also chose the Sugarland campus... I think we will have most of our classes there and only some at the smaller ones....
  12. by   Chocolate88
    Were you guys able to register for the fast pass?
  13. by   Pana21
    What is the difference between the super center and a regular center?