University of Houston-Victoria Second Degree BSN 2012

  1. Has anyone applied to UHV Second Degree BSN program for Spring 2012?
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  3. by   aret21

    I am currently a student in the Second Degree Program at UHV. We are almost done with our program (yipee), and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We all had to do the same application process and interviews that you guys are going to be doing.

    Anyway, if you would like any info, just let me know.
  4. by   whit5504
    Hey y'all,

    Quick question....I just got off the phone with the admissions people for UH-V and the guy I was on the phone with REALLY confused me. I'm trying to apply for the second degree BSN and he told me that I have to have my RN license to apply?? I figured he was talking about the RN to BSN program...

    I've submitted my NursingCAS application and my TEAS V scores to UH-V. I called because I was trying to get help on the applytexas application and that's when he told me that the only program offered was one where you already had your license?
  5. by   whit5504
    Nevermind about my previous post! I just talked to someone at the Cinco Ranch campus and she said that guy obviously didn't know what he was talking about! So we're all good here
  6. by   p100809
    Greetings Aret21, thank you for posting. I applied for the 2012 2nd degree BSN program, do you know what was the lowest score accepted for the TEAS V and gpa for your group? I earned a 84, but my gpa is below 3.0 because of academic suspension when I was younger. I am hoping to be invited to the interview at least? Also, the FAQ page states invterview will be invited by the 2nd week of November, but the checklist page states by the end of October. When did you recieve your invite to the interview?

    Thank you, your help is very appreciated.
  7. by   blackandgrey
    Thanks for your offer, aret21. This is a little premature, but could you tell us what to expect during the interview? I've heard that it's a group interview, but I wasn't clear if that was a group of students all interviewed together in one room, or a group of faculty that interview each individual student. Could you clarify? In your interview, how many students were in the room being interviewed, and how many staff/faculty members? And could you tell us a little about your experience with the interview?

    I'd also be interested in an answer to p100809's question about low/average accepted student statistics, if you happen to know.

    Thanks a bunch!
    - Richard
  8. by   hkc713
    This might sound like a really stupid question, but were we supposed to apply to the UH-V campus itself before submitting information to NursingCAS?? I've been reading past posts (found this site today! ack!) about entrance into this program and people were mentioning MYUHV? ....Could someone clarify this for me? Thank you!!
  9. by   blackandgrey
    That's not a stupid question at all.

    You're supposed to apply to NursingCAS with one of your designations being UHV. Send transcripts to NursingCAS, send your TEAS score and SSN release form to UHV. Then wait for an interview. I actually haven't heard anything about MYUHV, but maybe that comes later.
  10. by   hkc713
    Oh goodness ...thank you for your prompt response. I was ready to cry, because I've already gotten jacked from one of my colleges messing up my transcript request and TWU refusing to take late transcripts

    Thank you very very much! I hope we hear good things for this upcoming session
  11. by   txrn13
    Greetings all,

    I applied for spring 2011 & got accepted but due to some personal issues I was not able to start this past spring so I recently reapplied for spring 2012. As far as Teas scores are concerned there is not a specific number or range they are looking for. However the gpa requirement is pretty much non negotiable. It is critical that you have at least a 3.0. The dean is not too lenient on that matter but one never knows. I had questions and concerns about the interview process last year but it was not bad at all. It's not your typical interview. All the students are randomly assigned to groups. In one room we did a group presentation & in another room we did a computer essay. In the group presentation we were given a topic & had to use pictures to make our point. Don't worry they supply everything you will need to form a creative presentation. Everyone in the group must speak when your group presents. The faculty will be evaluating you on how well you work in a group, etc. As far as the computer part, it wasn't really an essay. I don't recall the exact question but it was along the lines of how you will succeed if accepted in the program. You only get a few minutes to compose it. However it was not really about what was written. I believe I only wrote 4-5 sentences. It was about how well you follow directions. We had to go into our email, save a document under a certain title & certain place on computer, and then email it to a certain address. After that we could try on uniforms for correct fitting. This is done because once you are accepted & enrolled they will order your uniform (scrubs with uhv logo) since they are needed as soon as school starts.

    Also this year applying to uhv was not necessary. Only the nursingcas application was required. Since we did not have to apply directly to the school we will not have a myuhv account or email address. Im sure that will be setup once accepted in the program.

    Hope this sheds a little light on what is upcoming. We will be notified by the end of Oct if invited to the interview which will be in Nov. Last year the interview was the Monday after thanksgiving but I hear this year it should be before then. I think I got my acceptance email that friday of the interview week so you won't have to wait too long to find out if you got in or not. Just check your mail and email in the next few weeks for an interview invite. I received mine via postal mail & email.

    If anyone has any other questions about the process feel free to ask. I hope everyone gets an invite!
  12. by   hkc713
    nooo....I was afraid of that >_< (GPA requirement!)

    Was the GPA requirement chiefly concerned with the pre-reqs (which doesn't concern me) ....or the cumulative GPA from my previous degree? (It was a few years ago...but ack not above 3.0).....

    Thank you so much for enlightening us about the details!!! I've been sweating bullets so I'm fairly certain others have as well?
  13. by   p100809
    Thank you Nbrown82 for responding with the information. I too was afraid of that gpa requirement hkc713. All we can do is wait now.

    Good luck guys!!!!
  14. by   txrn13
    The requirement is to have at least a cumulative gpa of 3.0 & a 3.0 for the science pre reqs. However, they do evaluate everything with no more emphasis on gpa than teas scores. In my opinion, if your cumulative gpa isn't quite a 3.0 but your science gpa is a 3.0 or above you will probably get invited for an interview & that is where you want to make sure you stand out so they will remember you. You want to show the faculty you deserve a shot. They know there is more to being successful in the program than just having good grades.

    Good luck to everyone & hope to hear good news soon!!