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Does anyone know when applicants will be notified for the TVCC Nursing Program for Fall 2012?? Has anyone gotten a checklist yet?... Read More

  1. by   aprilgmc
    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet from admissions? I literally have no nails left waiting on this letter...
  2. by   monica83
    No it will be next week.. How many points do you have?
  3. by   mmaxfield07
    @aprilgmc I am with you on the no nails left! I am so anxious to hear something. Do they send letters or an email? I am hoping for email! Brookhaven said we should receive an email notifying us of our status so I'm hoping TVCC does that as well. Good luck!
  4. by   monica83
    They have sent emails the previous years I hope it's email!! I don't like snail mail!
  5. by   gr8txrn2b
    The secretary at the Kaufman campus said that they will notify us by email the week of the 19th.
  6. by   aprilgmc
    @monica83 I have 10 points.
    I swear I'm gonna have a heart attack everyday next week. I'll probably be checking my email 60 times a day.
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  7. by   monica83
    Haha me too!! I think we are good though
  8. by   gr8txrn2b
    This has been the longest spring break ever!!! I am so ready to get my email. At least I won't have to wait on the mailman. I was told that we will be notified "the week of the 19th" so that could mean any one of those days. I'm gonna leave my email page open all day starting on Monday. I'm so restless!!!!!
  9. by   mmaxfield07
    I can't wait!!
  10. by   gr8txrn2b
    @ mmaxfield07...I can't wait either... I hope we get our emails tomorrow!!!!!
  11. by   Faith2012
    I am so lookiong forward to this week so we can know for sure!!
  12. by   Faith2012
    Quote from monica83
    I talked to the counselor in Terrell today and she said we will be finding out 2 weeks from today... So I am hoping and praying. She said over 300 applicants and a lot of them were thrown out because they didn't have the Hesi test or they didn't have at least a 2.5 gpa... Soo that makes the chances better I have 10 points and currently enrolled in 2 classes
    This is good news to know!! Chances are even better
  13. by   monica83
    I know she said Thursday but I am checking my email every 5 min...