Trying to get ahead at ACC

  1. I am starting the ACC (Austin Community College) ADN program in the fall and am looking for info as to what to study this summer to get ahead? I have heard it is a very tough program and I want to get a head start. Anybody out there gone/going throught this program?
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  3. by   THaugen
    Hello Jimmmy! It's a little late on the response but I just discovered this website. I am also starting the ACC ADN program this fall. My best guess is to make sure you know your dosage calculations. Go the The ADN Homepage, then Students, and then Level 1 Bulletin. There are 5 dosage reviews. I take that as a really big hint!

    Also, review your stuff from Nursing Skills! I think the instructors will get frustrated if we don't at least know the basics, Oh and PERSON! Remember that? Explore the Bulletin page, there is a lot of info.

    Maybe I'll see you at orientation in August! Good Luck!


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  4. by   angela_jane
    congrats on getting into the program. i'm living in vancouver now, but am a born and raised texan and i was living in austin going to acc for the 3 years before i moved up here. i thought about doing the acc nursing program but there is a HUGE waiting list (or there was at the time) so, i passed.

    anyway, best of luck. i've only heard wonderful things about the program (like it's MUCH better than UT's).