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Hi, I wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants for the Texas Tech Second BSN program. Somewhere we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the TEAS V... Read More

  1. by   Ladybug3
    That is good regarding the fact that you did not study. I am so nervous and have been a wreck these past few days. I will keep u posted on my journey. Maybe I'll have to join u in bartending, lol
  2. by   MrSensitivity
    You don't have anything to worry about, Ladybug. Your GPA already tells the story. Go to bed early, eat a good breakfast, and walk into that testing center like you own the place. I'll be throwing a prayer in for you too!
  3. by   Ladybug3
    Quote from MrSensitivity
    You don't have anything to worry about, Ladybug. Your GPA already tells the story. Go to bed early, eat a good breakfast, and walk into that testing center like you own the place. I'll be throwing a prayer in for you too!
    Have you heard anything yet
  4. by   MrSensitivity
    Interviewed today. It seemed to go ok. Nice people and no unexpected questions. They'll send out decisions next week. I'll let you know. Did the TEAS go ok?
  5. by   Ladybug3
    Havent taken it yet...i need to start studying
  6. by   aldrummond
    Hi Ladybug3, I am also applying for the 2013 Austin class. I am finishing up my chemistry and patho this summer, so far so good I am getting much needed A's in everything, but my GPA won't be as high has yours. I was wondering what medical experience you have? Just wondering what others are doing about this. I am going to take my TEAS V in August after summer school is over. I have an accounting background as well. I was tired of being blamed for failing businesses when they didn't take my warnings or advice. I really like the humanity of nursing...almost non-existant in the business world. I have four kids and my husband is a fire fighter. I have alot riding on this and am so nervous, my GPA is going to be my demise. After they changed the requirments all the B's I got my first run through college really lowered it and I didn't have time to retake them. Good Luck with everything! I'll post more when I take the TEAS.
  7. by   aldrummond
    Hi MrSensitivity, love the name. I hope everything went well. I was wondering what sort of questions were asked and how long the interview was. I am applying for the Austin cohort for 2013.
  8. by   MrSensitivity
    Hi aldrummond. Yes it went well, thanks. The questions were pretty much what you would expect. Why nursing? Why Texas Tech and this hectic, intense, one year program? How do you handle stress? On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your computer skills? Tell us about a crisis or conflict in your life and how you dealt with it. Do you have any questions of us? The interview lasted about 15-20 minutes. The panel consisted of one man and two women. They were extremely nice and seemed to make an effort to make the applicant feel comfortable and at ease. Some of the applicants got different questions. I sense that the panel has a list of questions from which to choose, and they can taylor the choice of questions to individual applicants. Outside the interview room they had current students assembled in another room to answer questions you might have for them.

    I received the acceptance about 5 business days later. The program coordinators are highly organized. Soon after confirming my intent, I received an email instructing me on Raider student web access and student email. From there a checklist was recieved and instructions on beginning all the other aspects for matriculation. It has been an impressive, fast moving process.

    Have as many prerequisites completed as possible, including the CNA, before the interview. It's not mandatory, but I think it makes a difference. Be very thorough in the application process. I think about 1/3 of the applicants for my cohort didn't even get invited to the interview because of application or qualification issues.

    Good luck and let me know if I can give you any other information.
  9. by   NoSweethrtOfTheRodeo
    I wouldn't necessarily say that the CNA requirement must be filled. Because I hadn't actually finished my CNA class when I had my interview. I was enrolled in one already though, it just hadn't met the start date. Also, I was asked the same questions as Mr. Sensitivity, except for the question about handling a conflict, in it's place, I was asked where I saw myself years down the road. My panel was three women, Marilyn and two other women. I personally worried myself to death over the interview when it wasn't really something to stress out SO much over. But, it went well and I was accepted, so hopefully things will work out for you in Austin.
  10. by   Ladybug3
    MrSensitivity congratulations on ur acceptance now u don't need to be a bartender.
  11. by   Ladybug3
    Nosweethrttotherodeo Congrats to u as well. Im glad u got accepted
  12. by   MrSensitivity
    Thanks Ladybug,
    Yea, disappointing. I just perfected a killer margarita recipe.
  13. by   Jude19
    I am applying for the 2013 Cohort in Austin. I have all my pre req's except for patho which i am taking this fall. I am very nervous that we won't find out if we get accepted until December!