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Hi, I am applying to the texas tech SON for entry in summer 2007 for the BSN program. Can anybody tell me their opinions on this program, and its reputation? I am a male; how accepting... Read More

  1. by   verano05
    yes I just did. They do not offer that for LVN to BSN. This is so fuastrating.
    They also have a 2nd degree BSN but you must live in Austin and another city that I am not from. You would think Houston being the largest medical center would have more options for full time LVNs or BS in other areas looking to becoming a RN/BSN! I am not giving up my search though!
  2. by   coolvibesRN
    Quote from verano05
    Can you do it from any where in TX? I am interested but live and work full time in Houston, TX?
    Yes you can.I did it from Texas.We had students from out of state, , including oversees-one in Germany (deployed)
  3. by   tejas-nurse
    What kind of system is Texas Tech using for the online component? Vista? Angel Learning? How is the navigation?