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Acceptance emails were sent out today (March 9th) for Texas State Nursing School in Round Rock for the Fall of 2012. I am happy to say that I got an acceptance email!! So, I wanted to start a... Read More

  1. by   rkdb
    Quote from tunasalad06
    Wow guys!! Congratulations on getting accepted!!! I unfortunately did not make the cut... So I am reapplying for rolling admissions!! I think I spent half the day crying when I got the rejection letter. It's been horrifying. Now I gotta wait some more.

    I am so scared of this!! Thats why I want to keep as many options open to myself but don't know how with out having to do pre req's for every nursing program in the area, they all seem to differ on a few classes. Very frustrating!!
    Not to be rude but can you if you don't mind tell me what your GPA was or if there was some other reason you think they might have passed you up, I just really want to try to avoid this from happening to me!! I am about to get my first C in a class( tx gov) but have mostly A's in everything else including math and science. Sorry for your delay into the program!!
  2. by   marinahendrix
    How is everyone liking the program? TX State RR is my top choice for Fall 2014 and I'd love some input! Specifically, how are they scheduling you, do you feel like you get adequate "hands on" time, etc?