Texas licensure through endorsement - question about test

  1. I am seeking licensure through endorsement in the state of Texas. Can anyone tell me about the Texas test I will need to take? What is that all about? Do I need to spend the money to purchase the review course? (Not the NCLEX, I'm already licensed, it's a specific test to Texas).

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  3. by   swifty1031
    The test you are asking about is the Jurisprudence test (I think). On the TXBON website there is a link you can use to study. The test is online. It took about 30-40 minutes to complete. You find out if you pass/fail as soon as you finish. Good luck
  4. by   RNMEOW
    How long it takes to get the temp license after submit online application? I applied TX license out of state, is still waiting for finger print card. I realized that I can not download finger print card from their website, hope it won't take long to mail the card to me.

  5. by   swifty1031
    You can also go to the fingerprinting center listed for your area. That is what I did. I got the fingerprint card pretty quick in the mail, but several people I know had trouble with prints and had to have them redone. I think the name of the place is Identix, you can make an appt online. It takes about a week for them to run the check and it goes directly to the TX BON.
  6. by   RNMEOW
    Thank you for your info, swifty1031!! But I am in California right now, I don't know if I can do live scan. I thought the finger print card is the only option listed on the BON wen site. Maybe I should call the BON to clarify. I am trying to find a job in TX, is it hard for new grad to find a job there?? Any suggestion?