TEXAS BON RN license endorsement - ongoing application gone?!

  1. This may sound like a stupid question but a few months ago, I applied for RN endorsement of my Arkansas (compact state) license to Texas, sent all the requirements and paid all the fees. I expected everything would be smooth until TX BON sent me a letter saying I still require a proof of Texas address before they will give me a license. I did declare on the primary state of residence form that my primary state is AR. I am not moving to Texas until a few months from now. I wanted to process my license beforehand and get a multistate, but it seems like they didn't even give me a single state license. On the list of requirements, they marked two documents as lacking: Texas Driver's License and another Declaration of Primary State of Residence form (I'm guessing they want me to tick the part that declares Texas as my primary state).

    Correct me if I'm wrong but am I not eligible for a temporary single state license even when I am not living in Texas as yet? All requirements have been submitted and accepted except for the ones they marked red on the list (driver's license and residence form).

    It was 3-4 months ago when I submitted the requirements together with payments. Now, when I rechecked my status on TX BON site, nothing comes up as if I never applied.

    My question now is.... if I have to re-apply all over again, do I need to retake the Jurisprudence exam??? Or will I just send them a copy of my certificate of passing the exam? I don't see any expiration date on the certificate.

    Has this happened to anyone? What am I missing? I'm not sure what happened here. Last time I called TX BON regarding the requirements, they told me I had until September 8, 2018 to comply ALL the requirements.

    I hope their website is just acting up and temporarily glitching. I'm kind of worried now. My documents have to sent all the way from Philippines so it was a lot of work and a lot of waiting for all the requirements to be complied.
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  3. by   LRTRN
    I'd call them for clarification.