Texas BON Declaratory order

  1. Hi! I have a quick question. Has anyone had to submit $150 payment for the enforcement department to review your declaratory order? And if so, how long did that take? I have a couple of charges that were dismissed and a couple of warrants I was arrested on (failure to appear and unpaid tickets) a few years ago, and I have until May 25,2017 to get an answer. It went into review last Thursday (3/23/2017) do you all think I'll get an answer on time?
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  3. by   GeauxNursing
    Mine took at least 2 months if i remember correctly.
  4. by   Mandy1985
    2 months would be perfect. I'm just afraid that it will take the full 90 days or they'll ask me for more information, which will postpone the process.
  5. by   Giners80
    I submitted mine the very beginning of September 2016. I had gotten an article 15 when I was in the Army. There was no criminal record or punishment, but it mentions article 15 on the background check form so I decided to better be safe than sorry.

    Oct. 21 I received a letter that it was going to the enforcement department and that I had to pay the $150. I submitted that within days or receiving my letter. Dec. 21 st I got another letter that the investigation was complete and they did not find anything that would permit me from not taking the NCLEX and being a nurse upon completion of a program. Jan. 16th I received the official outcome letter that allows me to take the test without any restrictions.

    Hope this helps, I wanted to look at exact dates for you to give you my personal experience. I know it can be nerve-racking working so hard to get this far waiting on a slip of paper. Keep your head up though, it was a pretty quick process for me considering so of the other experience I have read. I had a hard time finding anything more recent though.

    Good Luck!