Texas A&M Corpus Christi BSN Program

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been accepted to Texas A&M Corpus Christi generic BSN program. I still have to take 2 pre-requisites to take in summer which is Pharm principles and Health Alterations. I would like to know more about this program, classes and school. Has anyone here attending in Fall 2011 or anyone who has been in this program. If yes, could you please give me a little information about this program?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Mochachild
    Congrats on your acceptance! I am considering applying to their eline program for Spring 2012. I don't know the structure of their classes/clinicals...sorry I'm not of help. Good luck and continued success!
  4. by   butterfly25
    Thank you so much. Good luck to you as well
    Have you taken pharm & health alteration classes yet?
  5. by   Mochachild
    Yeah. I've taken both pharm and health assessment at UTA this past Spring semester. Pharm was the most challenging of the two for me. Will this be your 1st degree? Are you from the Corpus Christi area?
  6. by   butterfly25
    Yea I also think pharm will be hard. And no this will be my second degree. How about you?
  7. by   Mochachild
    2nd degree as well. I have a BBA in Marketing and I just graduated last December with my VN certificate.
  8. by   butterfly25
    Oh that's great. I think it's plus if you have a degree already to get in. Hopefully you will get in as well. I am hoping to do good in these two classes.
  9. by   jmf8756
    I have a question for anyone still needing Health Alterations (Patholphysiology) and Pharmacology for their pre requisites. Are these classes at TAMUCC entirely online or do they require any face to face time? Also, do you apply to TAMUCC and the College of Nursing for the same semester you plan to take these, or apply to TAMUCC to take the pre reqs and then apply for the College of Nursing the following semester?

  10. by   Mochachild
    If I'm not mistaken, you must gain admission to the university before you apply to the CON for any of their programs. That's the procedure for most universities.
  11. by   Mochachild

    Also, depending on the program you're interested in, it's either online or in class...not both. Whenever you decide to apply for admission to the CON, the application is only good for that period. For example, if you are wanting to apply for Spring 2012 admittance, the CON application is only good for Spring 2012. You must resubmit for any subsequent application periods. As far as prereqs are concerned, you can take those anywhere- just make sure they are transferable.
  12. by   jmf8756
    Thanks, Mochachild.

    The school I got my initial undergrad degree at doesn't offer these classes and I was trying to keep the schools I attend to a minimum, which is why I was just going to take them at TAMUCC. The advisor did tell me they have to be upper level classes, so this rules out a community college.
  13. by   butterfly25
    Those are the two pre-requisites class for BSN program. And they are offered completely online or face to face. You get to choose which one you want to take. Also, as Mochachild said you have to apply to university first and a separate application for nursing school. I applied for TAMUCC for Summer 2011 so I can take those prerequisites and applied for BSN for Fall 2011. I think you have to be admitted to nursing program in order to those classes. Because you have to get an approval from the advisor. So if you are applying for BSN program for Spring 2012 then I would say apply for TAMUCC for Fall 2011 because you have to take those pre-requisites unless you already have it. Hope this answers your question.
  14. by   cctxnursingstudent
    Hi butterfly25, I am in TAMUCC's nursing program. I will graduate next May!! It can't get here fast enough. What would you like to know?