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Hi Everyone, I wanted to post and see if any of you are grads or hopefuls of the Texas A&M program at college station, the Health Science Center? I am currently a student at LoneStar college and I've... Read More

  1. by   CareerChangeMom
    stalking the mailman, he just got here
  2. by   Brandig07
    Ok I am so glad that I am not the only one freaking out. I just happened to log in to BAMF yesterday and say the student data sheet, I was so worried that it would make my file incomplete and I wouldn't get in. So like you guys I called and got the same response about "Select Students". I live in South College Station and I have been stalking the mail carrier too!! If the data sheet is not for people who got in, they sure better change the wording on it since it says that we have to check our emails regularly as the CON will need to get in touch with us by email in the next few weeks leading up to the first class day.....

    Any local people get their letters today?
  3. by   aggiebecky
    Nothing in my mailbox today... sigh. Really glad I have 2 drug rep dinners to go to the next two nights so I can drink some wine for free to de-stress from the waiting!! I live in Bryan and have been picturing dreadful scenarios about my letter being caught in between seats of the mail truck or somewhere on the floor of the post office. Serenity now!
  4. by   Brandig07
    My mail carrier is not very consistent on when he comes, really anywhere between 3-5 and mostly closer to 5. So no mail in my mailbox means he just hasn't come yet!

    When you called, did they tell you all letters were sent out or they would be all out by this week? When I called Molly told me they would be all sent out this week. Maybe because we both filled out the data sheet yesterday then we can expect our letters on Friday?

    I keep thinking of horrible senarios like the data sheet was a tease! My GPA was not very competitive, but my HESI is and I am hoping my recommendations were enough to get me in. Yeah I have read really bad things about them recently, but I am a local gal and I got my BA from TAMU, so I really want to get my degree from the HSC rather than doing some distance thing and having to travel to Houston 2 days a week for clinicals.

  5. by   CareerChangeMom
    I'm in Spring, tx and nothing in the mail
  6. by   Brandig07
    Yup, no mail here either. Not even junk.
  7. by   aggiebecky
    Nothing today... :angthts:
  8. by   aggiebecky
    HA! so was just talking to one of my patients about the situation and he said that mail from B/CS must go to Houston to be sorted, then back here. Wow, no wonder stamps keep going up in price! And no wonder the letters are taking forever!!!!!
  9. by   CareerChangeMom
    nothing here, no change on bamf. Does anyone know someone who has received an acceptance or rejection letter?
  10. by   Brandig07
    According to my neighbor our mail hasn't come yet. 2 days of thing in my mail box, not even bills or junk mail way bazaar! This is driving me NUTS!
  11. by   Brandig07
    FOUND THE MAIL MAN!!! Now we wait!
  12. by   Brandig07
    Nada today
  13. by   mrsaggie
    Hi everyone, I got my waitlist letter last Saturday and my BAMF changed on Monday. My friend was also accepted on Monday and that was when her BAMF account changed as well. The letters says that those accepted must accept by Nov.5 and those waitlisted must agree to be placed on the waitlist by Nov.3. Those waitlisted will be notified in late Nov. I am not sure why it is taking longer for some people to get their letters or what the student data sheets are for. I am sure your letters and account will change in the next few days since the CON says everything has been sent out this week. Hope this helps!