TEMPORARY PERMIT help needed????

  1. HELLO, i have just passed nclex rn and have my temporary permit. i am a foreign grad , a permanet resident so texas requires me to complete rn refresher course because i do not have 2 yrs of nursing experience in my country. can i endore my temprary license to other state and get my permanent license....? some states only require one yr of expericence. i have one and half yrs of experince ,, so . so i m thinking of transfering my license and getting it in other state where i can meet my requirements. however i do not know is it possible . pls leave me ur advise and suggestions .

    thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nepalusarn
    guys pls need all ur help
  4. by   nepalusarn
    pl some comments here,,waiting
  5. by   TheMrsRN
    You need to contact the Board of Nursing of the state where you are interested in getting your license. Why can't you just take the refresher course?
  6. by   msLVN832
    I'm not entirely sure, but I dont think you can endorse a temporary license to another state. Endorsement usually requires verification of license from original state of licensure and from what I know NURSYS doesnt have verification for temporay licenses. But again, Im not entirely sure. Call the TX BON to make sure. The temp license expires in 120 days so that gives you enough time to do the Foreign Educated Nurse Refresher Course.
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  7. by   nepalusarn
    Thank you all for ur suggestions . Appreciate it