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Hi all, my wife just gave the TEAS test at TCCU. She got an overall score of 84.7 %. She has a 82 pecentile in Science, 92 percentile in Math, 98 percentile in Reading and 71 percentile in... Read More

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    Quote from momto2beauties
    I hear ya on the "barely" part. I was just noticing that it's not even 830 and I'm already ready for bed! Nursing school is a killer!!!

    I'm glad you are working at All Saints. My friend delivered a baby there recently, and it was really nice! What are you doing there?
    I'm currently a nurse extern on the Transplant Unit. I just love it!! Baylor is a great place to work.
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    That definitely helps. What was your TEAS score and when did you get into TCC nursing program?
    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I don't remember what I got on the TEAS...I think it was an 80 or something like that. I'm fairly sure they primarily focus on the science and math portions. I did ok on the math but was in the 98th percentile for science. I started the program in the fall of '05 and will graduate this May. I absolutely love TCC's program. I may be biased, but we have some of the best instructors who are really interested in the students and their success. It's a great program.
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    I know this is a year later (2008) than the original thread but I just got into TCC w/ all pre-reqs finished....an 84% overall on the TEAS and a science GPA of 3.5 and remaining prereq GPA of 3.63.

    The sciences weigh the heaviest!

    YOU DON"T NEED A 4.0 TO GET INTO TCC!!! Some semesters are tougher than others! Keep at it, you're time for nursing school will come!
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    Hi there,

    I'm just going around spreading the cheer about how STUPID getting in to specific programs really is...

    Everybody will learn the same information and sit for the same certification test, no matter where you went to school!

    Can you tell I'm a bit bitter? Sorry...

    I HAD been trying to get in to a Radiology program for 6 YEARS at one of the hospitals here (of 3). I put all my eggs in one basket hoping to show how intrested and dedicated I was... I even working IN Radiology AT their freakin hospital for 3 years! Oh, and did I mention that I worked WITH the students that got in over me? It was retarded, those who got chosen over me!!! Every year I got an interview (which only half the apps do), and requested it with the same lady, who was the big head of the program... and every year she never remembered me. Lady I thikn I set the freakin record of number times applying!!! Last year I applied I think I burned my bridge. I don't know you tell me.. telling her that I was sick of the way I was being treated and seeing the retards they let in to the program over me and that this was the last year I was applying so I'm sure I would never see her again? Maybe that had something to do with it... It's just hard to swallow everyday for 6 FREAKIN years to be told you have the most outstanding experiences and references (11 years working in hospitals, 5 of them IN radiology now- with Radiologist for references), you have the most number of credit hours completed (ya over 120 and more on the way. I have to keep taking classes so I don't have to pay back student loans until I can "finish" school and get a real job and afford to actually pay them!)... OH and you WORK in OUR Radiology?... Well if you don't get in this year then really do apply next year. We give preference to our returning apps. YEAH FREAKIN RIGHT!!!

    Anyway, my point is I got a new job (quit working at THAT freaking pointless place) and ended up with a bunch of nursing students form 3 different schools (there are like 12 nursing schools in this town). One was telling me her school was a hole in the wall, but they take almost all their applicants because nobody has heard of the school. So I went to apply. BUT I bet with my luck I won't get it. They even told me they have a record high applying. Of course they do! It's because I'm applying. But I am a believer that God has a plan for me. and Since I made the switch to nursing things have seemd to be "easier". I probably won't get in to the program just because I am me, but I know it's the direction I was to spend the rest of my life applying to and not Radiology. Maybe before I retire, I'll get in a program. They can announce it at my funeral...