TCU Accelerated BSN Program - start date 5/15/13 - page 2

I have applied to the TCU accelerated program to start 5/15/13 - just looking for anyone else out there that has also applied, and/or for anyone currently in the AP program that can share... Read More

  1. by   KennethJD
    I received my acceptance letter today, I want to wish everyone else the very best and I want to see you all on the 15th!

  2. by   texastudent765
    I got in!! But i already accepted to somewhere else so hopefully I make someone's day! Congrats to everyone else
  3. by   Sarahtcu
    Congrats everyone! No letter for me...I guess I'm not getting in
  4. by   alyssavictoria
    Check your mail everyone!!
  5. by   texastudent765
    Quote from Sarahtcu
    Congrats everyone! No letter for me...I guess I'm not getting in
    Don't lose hope! I just called and F said they are sending out their last batch of acceptance letters tomorrow so they are not done yet (:
  6. by   alyssavictoria
    I got in too! Yay! I am so excited and grateful. Orientation is May 3rd, program starts May 13th . . . who else will be there? I know KennethJD will be.
  7. by   KennethJD
  8. by   kevsgirl1
    Congrats guys! I am currently in the program....get ready for a crazy and exciting 15 months!
  9. by   sbtnp84
    I've also been accepted, Will be moving to Fort Worth here shortly. Very excited!
  10. by   kmase74
    Hello....I am applying for the May 2014 Accelerated program...... Can I ask you a few questions?
  11. by   Ashoaib1
    Hey girl I will apply soon, need help!! email
  12. by   prez00
    Kevsgirl1, How was the program? Any advise?