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Yes, this is long, but you may appreciate it......... This is a message for all of those who applied to TCC and did not get in this time and for those of you who are planning to apply in the... Read More

  1. by   Heloisea3
    Which campus are you at? Do you have any of the pre reqs at all? English? PE? That is a lot to finish in that amount of time. What are you taking this minimester? Personally, I would be sure to take a 3 hour class over each of the minimesters, not PE. Then, I would take Micro and Chemistry in the spring, A&P I and Fine Arts elective first summer session, A&P II and PE second summer session. It would be really difficult to take anything else with A&P over the summer because the summer sessions are incredibly time consuming. That is a really heavy schedule. It is doable, but be sure to register early, especially for the science classes, and choose your professors wisely. I'm not saying to try to get the easiest professor you can find, but talk to people, and try to get a good professor. Nothing is worse than having to take a difficult class and having a horrible professor. Another thing that may or may not help, depending on your learning style, is to try to take some of your classes online or via TV during the spring. This saves traveling time and allows you to spend that time on classes rather than riding around. I took Speech online, and I have also taken a few TV courses. I liked all of them a lot, and feel like I saved time on them. I would not have done that for a science course, though. Anyway, whatever you decide, good luck! You can do it!!
  2. by   txmommyof3
    Thanks so much for posting this. It is definately a relief to put some of the nasty rumors to rest. I am going to be applying for the Fall 08 program at TCC and feel much more confident that my good grades can get me in. I appreciate your honesty.
  3. by   wannabnrn
    Wow - Heloisea3 has this schedule thing firgured out!! By the way - I'm now referring to you as H3 in any future posting. For some reason, I happen to refer to you anytime I post a message so I'm just gonna go with H3 from now on.

    Lovely - I'm not familiar with the minimesters. I am very familiar with the online and ITV courses. I would highly recommend either of these options for just about anything other than your sciences. Of course, you do have to be disciplined in order to take an online or TV course. If you are disciplined enough to do it, it really does save you a great deal of time. One thing you may want to look for, if it works into your schedule, is a Saturday class. I actually took Chemistry on a Saturday. I LOVED it. It was only once a week, yeah it was like 6 hours, but it was early in the morning and then I had the whole week to concentrate more on my other classes.

    I totally agree with asking around about professors. Again, you're not looking for an easy way out, but it would be nice to have an idea of what you're going into before that first day of that class.

    It sounds like you are really trying to fit a WHOLE lot into a short period of time. Yes, it can be done. I know you really want to be able to apply in Sept and get started in Jan of 09. You really don't want to have to wait that additional 8 months for the Sept 09 program to start. That would seem like a freaking eternity!! Believe me, I know. Just remember, when you start nursing school, from what I hear, your life is school, school and school. Just don't try and kill yourself with classes before the nursing program has a chance to do that!
  4. by   lovely1213
    Thank you both for your insight and advise. I will be attending TCC NE. and would have been lost without the help of everyone and this website. For the last 7 yrs I have been ignored a continous "calling" to become a nurse. Through the Grace of God and sheer determination I will successfully manage the tight schedule. If I am not accepted for Spring 09, I will continue pre reqs for TWU or UTA. My goal is a MSN. I was taking the TCC route because of cost and it would allow me to gain work experience as a RN (faster) while I pursued my BSN (I'll need 1 yr ICU for my MSN). I'm in pursuit of becoming a NICU NP or CRNA. I know I probably sound like an ambitous 20 yr old, but I assure you at 31, a wife and mother of 2 kids and plenty of business adventures under my belt, my clarity is undeniable. Can anyone offer any words of advise on RN to MSN and TWU? Based on experience am I going about it the right way?
  5. by   leoprincess8
    thanks for such a nice letter iam new to the area iam a lvn from east tx and iam going to apply to tcc and weatherford iam woriied about the teas test any advice would b greatly appreciated also cause my sciences are old i have to take them over wat a bummer any advice on who to take at tcc sciences thanks so much in advance