Tarrant County College...HELP! Why am I not accepted?

  1. Unfortunately i got the rejection letter AGAIN from TCC.
    Does anyone have ANY advice regarding what I should do to be competitive enough to get accepted?

    I have completed all pre-req and general classes, A's & B's for all. Got an A in A&P1 & B's in A&P2 and Micro -the pre-req's

    My TEAS scores are low..Adjusted Indiv Score 74.7%, Mean Nat'l 74.4%, Mean-Program 75.4%, Reading-85% Math-84.4%, Science-56.7%, English 69.1%

    Thanks if you have any info at all :bowingpur...i'm pretty bummed and wondering what's really needed to get into this program!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    My former coworker had a 4.0 grade point average in her prerequisite classes and was rejected from TCC after having applied to both their generic ADN program and the LVN-to-RN fast track transition program. She is now an RN student at Southwestern Adventist University's nursing program.

    The schools located in the urban areas (TCC, El Centro, Brookhaven, UT Arlington, etc.) are harder to get admitted into since so many people are applying. You might have 600 people applying for 60 nursing spots, so it gets fiercely competitive. If your GPA is less than 3.8, many of the centrally located community colleges may not accept you.

    To get around this problem, many people in DFW attend nursing programs at the outlying colleges (Paris, Hill, Tarleton, Navarro, McLennan, Grayson, NCTC, etc.). My prerequisite GPA is a 3.67, and I'm attending nursing school in Oklahoma City while living in Fort Worth.
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  4. by   kellils
    WOW! how is the commuting thing going?? do you stay there during the week or drive back daily? i don't know if Oklahoma is possible for me though, I have a 2yr old daughter and a boy who is arriving next saturday (may 2nd)!

    i will def. look into other colleges though...just don't want to lose hope on my dream of nursing
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I stay in OKC during the week and work the weekend-double shifts in Fort Worth every Sat. and Sun. My Oklahoma roommate has a 5-year-old and basically does the same thing as me.
  6. by   SHERON88
    To answer the question to why you didn't get accepted is probably because you failed the science section with 56.7%. The math and the science weighs the heaviest, i know that at the info session they say that anything above a 50% is good but let's be realistic, there are about 400-500 applicants for 100 spots. i hate that they give this kind of false information to students. They don't go by overall score on the teas the science section is worth 11%, Math 10%, Reading and English 8%. What is ur science gpa ( chem.,a&p, and micro)? what is ur overall gpa? Have u completed the math requirement and all of ur pre reqs? I got accepted this year after applying for the second time. The first time i had every pre req finished, 3.75 science gpa, 3.5 overall gpa, and a overall score of 69.5 on the teas. I failed the math portion of the teas with a 56% and made a 60% in science. The second time i took it i got a 77% in math and a 70% in science. It also depends on the application pool i honestly believe that there wasnt as many students applying this application period as before b/c i did not think i was going to get accepted. (If you're going to apply for next spring they have changed some things...u can get bonus points for medical terminology and pharmacology, u can't take spch 1318 as a speech component, and u can only repeat a course twice, if more than twice u will get no points for that course.)
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  7. by   kellils
    i figured it was the TEAS scores that did it for me..now i'm convinced!! lol

    did you buy a book or study online w/test preview?

    i'm looking into WC, but no matter what will have to re-test TEAS b/c of failing science
  8. by   SHERON88
    i bought the book it really helped wit the math but by ur score i see that ur good in math. For the science i remember the test was so random with questions i really couldn't tell you what exactly to study. There wasn't much a&p, it think was more chemistry than anything else. but if i were u i would just study basic science concepts for chem, a&p, physics, and earth science.
  9. by   smilingbig
    Kellils... While I agree that it was more than likely your TEAS score, you should call to make an appointment with them to review your application. They will tell you exactly what it was that hurt your application. I did that after I received my letter saying that I didn't get in and realized I had made a clerical error on my application and was accepted for the very next term. And I graduate in a few weeks!!!!

    I wish I could give you advice on studying for the TEAS... I remember that I bought the study guide for it, but I don't really remember studying much for it honestly.
  10. by   kellils
    it's funny you mention making appointment w/counselor...i've had three appt's that have for one reason or another not happened...i'm going to call again tomorrow (monday) to try again!!
  11. by   bob7rob7
    Here is some needed info as I have heard it: Students with all pre-reqs completed are considered first. Science and Math grades and scores on the TEAS are weighed the heaviest, should be 70% or higher on the TEAS in order to compete. I would recommend no lower than 3.75, 3 As 1 B in the Sciences. There are easily 100+ students with all As in the Sciences. I have known a few to get in with 1 B in the Sciences and one alternate who got in with 2 Bs in the Sciences. They really like for everyone to have the pre-reqs completed because there is really no time to complete them while in Nursing School. Then, you get to graduation and can't graduate beause you still need PE or something. That really upsets them, so it is important to have all pre-reqs done before applying. It is not required to apply, but 95% required to get accepted. Have all of your shots done and up to date. They do the math and if your Hep B shot series will not be completed by the first day of class, you application gets kicked out. There are set times between the first, second and third Hep B shots and the doctors won't give it until the correct amount of time has passed. For example, if you get the 3rd dose on August 30th and school starts on August 27th, you are out. Even though it is only 3 days, it shows a lack or time management and responsibility and it is held against your application. TB tests must be done yearly. I suggest re-taking the TEAS (Be careful - make sure you study and improve on your science and math skills before you take it. You can only take it twice and that's it, whatever you get on the 2nd test is your permanant score, even if it is lower than the first one). Also, retake the science classes as necessary to get up to 3 As and 1 B. Also, they say soon, College Algebra will be required to apply. Don't know when, but it will come to pass. Best of luck.
  12. by   Macsamus
    Hey guys, I was looking for info from people who are in the program already to get an idea of how well I match up or just get some feedback on if I would be a good candidate for the 100 seats in Spring of 2010. Any help or comments are appreciated. I just sent my application in last week and this is what I have:
    A&P 1-A
    A&P 2-B
    I have all the other prereqs completed
    TEAS Overall Score: 91.2
    Reading- 97.5
    Math- 82.2
    Science- 90
    English- 94.5

    Do you guys think I will have a good shot at getting in?
  13. by   txmommyof3
    I think you have a good shot at getting in. Your scores and grades are pretty similar to mine and I am 6 weeks into the nursing program at TCC. Good luck to you!
  14. by   Macsamus
    Ok Great! May I ask what your scores were? Did you have a higher GPA? I'm worried about my sciences not being a 3.75 or better.