TAMIU admission for Spring 2011 *still taking applications!*

  1. Hello all! I know that there are quite a few people who are still trying to get into a BSN or RN to BSN program. Well, my school Texas A&M International University is still taking applications until September 1st. There is a prerequisite that needs to be taken but it's an online course, so you can take it wherever you live (and you can even take it once you have been accepted!). So if you hopefuls have no other prospects, consider TAMIU! *** for those with not so stellar GPAs, that's ok! They require at least 2.5*** any questions about the program ( I will graduate from the program, God willing, this spring), feel free to ask about admissions, entrance testing, professors, grading, housing, whatever you want to know!! Also.... check out Laredo Community college as well for anybody wanting their ADN. Awesome program too!
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    Hey! Just saw your post. heres my situation, I definitely don't have all prerequisites done yet. I still need to complete A&P I/II and a few more classes.
    I had a not so awesome GPA from my previous school at Humboldt State University 2.76 with 26 units, 2.3 GPA from a CC with 10 Units ( all from 2004) and then kicked it into high gear, last semester and got a 3.71 GPA at university of Montana, this is where i completed the Micro, Chem, yadda yadda yadda. Schools in California have some pretty high standards for GPA, and I somewhat doubt that even if i take those required courses, that Ill get in. I do have 5 + years experience in Healthcare as an EMT/ Nursing assistant in SICU, am nearly fluent in Spanish, and have letters of rec. Realistically, providing that i do well on the entrance exam/ the remainder of my prerequisites , is there a chance that id get in?
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