Staffing Problems

  1. At the hospital I work, we generally have 8 patients. Recently I brought up the question regarding passing of medications for the 9 pm pass. If you give only 10 min. per patient, then that is a minimum of 80 minutes. This is very conservative as it does not take into account prn meds you have to stop to give, blood sugars that are due at 9 pm., having to wait in turn to get to the med dispense cart, crushing meds for G-Tubes, or for poor swallowing patients, IV meds, etc. We were made to sign a form for a commitment to "good patient care", yet when I brought up that the "time" of medication administration was one of the 5 rights and that either the meds were given untimely, or documentation was falsified if you gave them at 11 or 11:30 pm. My manager would not answer. What do you think?
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  3. by   vamedic4
    I think that having 8 patients is a recipe for disaster. And I know that this is commonplace in many pathetic.
    I'm sorry it just sounds sooo crazy to have that many paitents!!! The issues you bring up are some valid ones...patient safety, accurate documentation...I think your patients ...and your nurses...are getting screwed.

    Just my $.02
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  4. by   lands1980
    Look at the CNA/NNOC push for national Safe Staffing. The fight is ongoing and in Texas and other states beside CA. Sorry about your pain. The management is putting the legal responsibility directly on your shoulders by a written form. I have friends and I have documented that I ordered the missing med on the MAR. I have charted about delays for meds and reasons for delays. Yes,I have listed events and emergencies about being delayed from giving meds due to emergencies. I have charted charge nurse and management notified of need for help or reasons for delays and any responses by the notified parties.
    You might think that the unanswered questions from your manager is a answer that you time has come for different and safer employment.
  5. by   nursechito
    You might consider looking for another place and ask for their patient ratio. In the wouth we usually run 1:6 average, but there are those ocassional days when someone calls in and we end up short, but overall it's pretty good. It's a good idea to talk to staff if possible for their real load. Good Luck!
  6. by   robinhood
    Hello! Have just registered in this forum and my first time to make reply. Am working here in UK. Our normal ratio here is 1:8 unfortunately we handle 10-12 patients per nurse a day and that depends if it weekends or weekdays, as we're under staff. How we've managed I dont know. I think its just time management and work as a team.