San Jacinto BSN Fall 2019

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I was wondering if you all have heard that San Jacinto College is developing a BSN for nursing. About two summers ago governor Abbott implemented through a Law for them to allow students to complete a BSN at a community college. Of course, as of know San Jacinto is only participating at least to my knowledge. I recently asked if they will be making an announcment but they said not yet. I hope they do it was amazing for them to implement this program for next fall.
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  3. by   Psychnursehopeful
    Nope. Pathway to BSN | San Jacinto College. It's a pathway. Jr colleges do not grant 4 year degrees, it is common for them to have pathway degrees.
  4. by   Jules81
    Actually the original poster is correct. I haven't found any new info on it though but here are two articles lining out some of the details. The first article says Fall 2019.

    Law now allows community colleges to offer BSN, BAT | San Jacinto College

    Door opens for San Jac bachelor's degrees in nursing, applied tech - Houston Chronicle
  5. by   ann2222
    I am a student at San Jacinto college and they do keep telling us about the BSN program opening next fall. They haven't said any details tho.
  6. by   Beckstinator
    Has anyone heard any more news about San Jac offered a BSN program??
    I'm pretty dang excited about this and really hope it's true!