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Hi all, I trying to find out what the requirement is on shoes worn to clinicals. Just trying to get a heads up as I'm hoping to apply for fall admission. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   sjcnurse87
    hey VL87
    i applied for the fall 08 for the adn program too. I took the act and got a 24. Im really worried. What have you heard from others? I hear different things all the time. the counselor at central told me to shoot for a 25 on the act. then i read something about someone getting a 32 here on this website. AHHH. the waiting is whats killing me.
  2. by   hTx87
    i havent heard anything from others. i didnt know there was an information session at central. did you attend that?

    did you already send in your application?
  3. by   pink2004
    hi i wanted to apply for san jac south LVN-BSN. What are the complete pre reqs for their program. DO you have to complete all class before applying or can you still be in the class while you are applying? I heard that you have to take certain courses at their school. Is that true?
  4. by   pink2004
    I'm applying for the San Jac SOuth LVN-ADN. I was wondering hat the complet elist of pre reqs were. DO we have to aomplete all classes before we apply or can we still be in the classes while applying. I know there are 2 p.E.'s I wonder if we have to take them at that campus. SOmeone said that there are certain classes that we have to take at San Jac. Is that true?
  5. by   hTx87
    i've applied to san jac adn program and there are two options to use to apply.
    option a: act score, option b: gpa of the pre-reqs.

    i dont know about the lvn-adn program, but for the adn program if you use option b, you would need to take those pre-reqs. if we do get in the program i think that we would have to complete the pre-reqs before we can start taking nursing courses in the program. this is what i think, just not 100% sure.