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  1. Hi! I have interviews next week for the Methodist internship. One is medsurg at Methodist Metropolitan and the other one is surgical at the Specialty and Transplant hospital. Any info about either of those? Or info about Methodist's internship? Any info would help!
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  3. by   bluegrassashley
    Find another hospital!!!! Methodist is by far the worst hospital in the country to work for. I am a travel nurse and have worked in around 20 hospitals all over the country. Methodist is unbearable. After 6 weeks there, I paid over $1000 to get out of my contract with them so I could go somewhere else. It was the only time in my career that I left a job early. The pay is a joke and the management is even worse. Not only will you be floated around your hospital but also to the other hospitals that Methodist owns. In one week I was floated to three different hospitals. The longest tenured nurse in the hospital has been there less than 5 years. No one stays employed by them for more than a year. I can promise that working for Methodist will be the worst mistake of your life. Also, Methodist pays to have any bad comments about them removed from blogs and forums like this. This is why it's almost impossible to find any information from those who have worked for them in the past.
    It is owned by some of the super rich and money is all they care about. They will fire you for any reason at anytime and management walks around telling you so. If you are late twice, your fired. If you mess up your charting and it causes problems with insurance paying, your fired. If your boss had a bad day, your fired. Any other hospital in North America will be a better place to work.
  4. by   Argo
    Olive, did you go to msth?
  5. by   Olive_RN
    Argo, yes I did take the position as MSTH. I did the paperwork this week and start the internship orientation on Monday. I have asked around with friends since I took the position and everyone has had great things to say about MSTH. On my floor, (a med-surg, but mostly surgical) the least amount of time anyone in my peer interview had been there was 2 years. The others had been on that floor 6 and 25 years. Also, the nursing manager has had that position for 15 years. I think it will be a great floor to work on, and I am looking forward to it!
  6. by   aaspender
    I worked at Methodist main and somedays I was the only actual staff member on the floor with every other nurse being agency or float. It was pretty scary. When I started I had 15 years experience and they are just short of experienced floor nurses. I saw some pretty scary stuff and would go home and cry about how hard it was to provide sound care. I left after a year.
    I do know that they were interested in figuring out how to provide more support to the nurses that were new (poor babies). I did learn more as a nurse there than when I worked in teaching hospitals I think because more of the burden fell on me rather than the intern or resident. In that regard it was good. An internship if properly done is wonderful. I did a 9 month internship at the old Hermann Hospital (seriously, I cannot believe how I made it now that I think back) but honestly, it made all the difference for me in the long run and I had so many learning opportunities. Methodist has a ton of CNS, MSN nurses that mentor so make them stick to the plan and you will be fine. Just don't let them throw you into the fire early. Oh, the staff that floated from MSTH always said they liked it better over there.
    The docs are for the most part very cool there. The renal guys (and 1 female) are real good teachers if you ask questions. Wanted to add that because it makes a difference. Avoid the MD with "Gold" in her name. urrghhh!
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  7. by   Olive_RN
    Thanks for the info, aaspender. I have heard good things about MSTH from others with experience there. It is a smaller hospital, so I think that helps. And thanks for the heads up with that MD!
  8. by   PrettyinPinkBSN,RN
    Hey Olive RN I have a peer interview for Methodist next week.... How are you liking it so far. I am applying for the October Residency. Do you recommend?
  9. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    I'm going to apply to Methodist in October, how was the application process. I know you apply to the job online, but how do you send your transcript and HESI scores and stuff?

    Thanks for the reply,
  10. by   PrettyinPinkBSN,RN
    Hey Cassie... In order to be considered a candidate for the RN/GN Residency Program you have to apply online. The application deadline closed off Sept 10. The application was extremely short and to the point. No HESI score, transcrpit, etc. needed. You have the option to upload a cover, letter, resume and any other important documens. I hope this helps
  11. by   PrettyinPinkBSN,RN
  12. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Oh, I meant to be considered for January. I called spoke to a Ms. Hernandez and she told me to apply in October because the ones up now are for the Oct. start date. Thanks though.

    So when I apply then, all I do is apply online? I don't need to send anything in?
  13. by   PrettyinPinkBSN,RN
    Just apply online its very user friendly Good luck by the way. ))
  14. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Thanks so much. Did you apply to this one too?