San Antonio College Spring 2016

  1. Figured I might as well start one for Spring of 2016. First year they're using the TEAS scores. I wonder what they'll be looking for. Registration opens June 1st!
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  3. by   ToNursesW/LUV
    Has anyone applied for Spring Yet? I am getting ready to apply with all the info they require but their process seems jumbled. "All documentation must be scanned in together with application"? But the application is simple with no way to attach documents.
    Any ways, good luck to everyone!
  4. by   AhN10
    Yeah, I was kind of frustrated with them only for the fact that the admissions people couldn't ever answer my questions. I asked them how to attach everything and they said to just "push the button" on the application. They got frustrated when I asked if it was one the that says attach transcript. They also never got back to me on if i had to retake my TEAS there at SAC or if I could sent the scores from the ATI website. AND! for the work experience I talked to the head of the department and she said that they only look at that once your accepted..which is clearly wrong because it's included in your admissions points. So, I dont know whats going on with them. I guess since its the first year and they changed everything it'll be pretty confusing!

    I accepted a seat for baptist in the fall! So, best of luck for the spring semester!!
  5. by   ToNursesW/LUV
    Thanks for replying, i was so confused about this. It seems like i will have to visit the campus in person and make sure i get it all straight. Congrats on your acceptance to baptist, thats my first choice!
  6. by   AhN10
    Yeah, that would probably be your best bet! Oh awesome! Have you taken your TEAS already? Baptist was my first choice also, I heard they're a lot more organized lol. Well hopefully you'll start in spring at baptist!
  7. by   ToNursesW/LUV
    Thank you! I take my teas on july 25th. Ill let you know how it goes!
  8. by   AhN10
    hey! how did the test go?!
  9. by   ToNursesW/LUV
    Hello! Ive been so busy with finals and this test, *Phew* but got it done. I made a 76% on my TEAS. I did much better than I thought. I could have had a better score but I didn't get to finish all the math questions. I took too long on some questions and time ran out. But overall I'm happy with it and submitted to UTHSC and SAC.

    I have to retake the test for Baptist minimum math requirement though . But this 2nd time I will have more time to study and practice because I won't have school and finals , BLEH!
  10. by   AhN10
    Thats a great score! good luck with both applications!
  11. by   nmanley7
    Has anyone heard when acceptance letters would be sent out? Thanks! Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   ToNursesW/LUV
    Just in case anyone was wondering; the acceptance letters were sent out this week. Good luck to everyone!
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  13. by   Jay12345
    Hi! Is it absolutely necessary to have previous work experience in healthcare? Has anyone been accepted without it? I haven't been to school is over 5 years. I'm a stay at home mom. Do I even have a chance at getting accepted?
  14. by   oggiz07
    I am applying for Fall 2016 at SAC. It is almost April and I have not heard from them yet. They said, they will be sending out acceptance letters at the beginning of April. I have also talked to them about the "work experience" requirements for the RN program. And the way they evaluate your entrance in the program is mostly based on the TEAS score, and work experience (in the Medical Field). There is something very important to consider though. Even if you have many Certifications, which you will also include in your application, you are not guaranteed to be given points for each certification. Unless you proof that you have worked in whichever your are certified in. In my case. I am CMA, Phlebotomist and EKG certified, but i have only worked as Phlebotomist. Which means i will not be given points for the CMA, and EKG certificate. will only get points for Phlebotomist.