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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone go to San Antonio College (generic nursing)? I was wondering how the program compares to UTSA?

    Any thoughts about it will be great.. I am just trying to get the general idea if I want to apply to SAC.

    I applied to the UTSA nursing school. I already have a B.S. and I wanted to go through the UTSA nursing program.. but I am not sure if I'll be accepted from what I've read on one of the allnurse threads!

    I'm hoping going through SAC - it will be cheaper and possibly faster.. I am planning to talk to a SAC counselor but I thought I'd give this a try.

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Thread moved to Texas Forum for more responses. Good luck!
  4. by   iHeartNICU
    Hey ShaniaTX. I don't go to SAC I go to UTHSCSA so I can't offer you much info. I just wanted to clarify something; UTSA does not have a nursing program. You can do the pre-reqs there and then you can apply to UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. UTSA & UTHSCSA are 2 totally separate things. I just wanted to let you know in case you applied at UTSA and meant to do UTHSCSA. Best of luck, and if you have any questions about UTHSCSA feel free to PM me.
  5. by   Shania_Tx
    Hi Amy,

    Sorry my message was not the clearest

    I did apply to UTHSCSA nursing school.. just waiting on the acceptance/rejection.. I applied for Spring.

    Although I have a degree and an ok gpa.. it is only a 3.0. I am thinking I will not get accepted because I was reading on the allnurses website that they accept 3.6 gpa.. So that's a little discouraging to me.

    How do you like UTHSCSA? Are you doing the generic plan?

  6. by   iHeartNICU
    Hi again. When I applied for Fall 05 the cutoff GPA was somewhere around 3.5 I believe BUT some good news. Students that applied for the semester right after me said the school started looking at things other than GPA. My class was the last class to go by GPA alone. Now, from what I have heard is they do interviews. So, if this is the case, this is your time to shine. Also they take a GPA from just the science courses and then another one from everything I believe. I think they mainly look at the science one. I think that is what I remember but I could be totally off track. Also, it depends on who applies. The semester that is ahead of me had a much lower GPA cutoff than we did. It just depends.

    As for the school, so far I like it the majority of the time. There are ups and downs to any program I suppose. Oh, I'm a 3rd semester generic BSN student. I have heard that SAC has a really good program. We seem to do a lot of the bookwork and paper-writing but miss out on clinical time. We do do clinical time and lab but it seems like it's just not enough. No matter where you are, nursing school is stressfull and time consuming, so make sure to take care of yourself and save time for fun. I'll think happy thoughts for you as you wait for your letter. That time was so stressfull as I remember. I think letters go out in November so you have a while. Oh they have a info session at the school you can go to like every tuesday or every thursday or something if you're interested to get a tour and get some information. Their website is and if you go to school of nursing and then to calendars it should be on there. Best of luck, and if you have any specific questions I'd be more than happy to attempt to answer them.
  7. by   queenvictoria719
    I went to UTHSC and I have found that a lot of employers in San Antonio do prefer a minimum of a BSN! Get it out of the way now! My 50 year old girlfriend is starting her BSN now so she can get better jobs!
  8. by   jensdandy
    Hi! I just finished my nursing at San Antonio College one year ago. I really enjoyed the program and felt like I had plenty of hands on/practical learning as well as lecture time. The instructors were great and always had time to help. So far, as long as you are looking at clinical work, I haven't noticed a difference in the BSN prepared nurses versus the ADN prepared ones. The hospital I work at doesn't pay one more than the other. Best of luck in your career. :wink2:
  9. by   amandafromtx
    I just recently graduated from the generic program at SAC (May 2006). I cannot tell you what happens at UTHSC-SA, but as for SAC, I was very happy with the education that I recieved there. As with all programs, the course work was very intense. But, we spent countless hours in clinical doing hands-on learning from the very first semester. All of the instructors that I had were willing to let you do every aspect of patient care, with instruction and supervision of course, especially the first time you perform a task. I loved the education that I received from SAC and would recommend them to anyone as a great foundation for a career. Also, as far as finding a job with an ADN instead of a BSN, in my experience, I had no problems finding a job as an ADN RN, and almost everyone that graduated at the same time as me had jobs lined up before graduation. Also, none of the people that I graduated with had any problems finding jobs either. Most hospitals in SA are more than willing to hire ADN grads, and even diploma program nurses (that graduate from Baptist Health System's School in SA). Hope this helps a little!

    Amanda Z., RN
  10. by   SAC101
    I am doing my final semester at SAC and love it. Most RNs I meet in clinicals are actually from SAC. We kind of get some special treatment. Come join us!