San antonio college (sac) adn program spring 2019

  1. Hi everyone! So I got accepted for the Spring 2019 program and I am so excited about it. Anyone willing to give some advice for the program? :-)
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  3. by   L.h21
    For your first semester you will have 5 courses that run 16 weeks, so I suggest you do not fall behind on studying! I heard they do not give you as much assignments as previous cohorts, so I think the majority of your grade will be based on your exams. Clinicals are short, just 4 hours for your first semester as compared to other programs where they have 12 hour clinicals for their first semester. I suggest studying on your own for the Fundamentals ATI exam that you will take in the final weeks of your semester, it is difficult to pass if you do not review your ATI book. Your toughest courses will probably be 1128 which is your Patho course, and 1430 which is your Fundamentals course where the ATI is ten percent of your grade.
  4. by   VioletKatrin
    I am starting in the Spring also! can't wait!
  5. by   akhsak
    Hey VioletKatrin that's good to know! Hopefully I'll see you during the orientation!
  6. by   VioletKatrin
    Yes! Just got the email that the orientation was moved back nearly 4 weeks!
  7. by   luckystar2020
    ok so I want to give you some honest feedback about the program. I am finishing up my first semester now. Be prepared to be frustrated a lot about the program. It is very disorganized. It is also super hard but it will pay off. ATI is big, you have a test that has nothing to do with the concepts you are learning but more nurse type skills. It will make or break your 1430 because if you dont get a specific level you get a zero for that grade. We also do have a ton of homework. There is about 6-10 assignments due each week with some weeks reading about 300 pages of stuff. With that said in each class its about 10 percent of your grade. Find someone in the upper levels if you have questions because the teachers are sometimes not helpful. Also it is only considered 9 credit hours so per FASA it is part time. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER CLASS TO GET IT TO FULL TIME STATUS. You are juggling so much that it is impossible to take on extra stuff. I just want to let you know the negatives so you can prepare and go with the flow. It is very possible to do well. I am doing that and am happy that I am going to school at SAC. I like the proffessors generally. The lab ones especially.
  8. by   VioletKatrin
    Hey there! All of the things you said seem to mirror everything I've heard in the past but could you elaborate on the disorganization? I appreciate all the feedback, good to have reasonable expectations going into this!
  9. by   L.h21
    Quote from VioletKatrin
    Hey there! All of the things you said seem to mirror everything I've heard in the past but could you elaborate on the disorganization? I appreciate all the feedback, good to have reasonable expectations going into this!
    When I was there, literally everything was disorganized, skills checkoffs, exam dates, assignment due dates kept getting delayed, lol you name it! One time our instructor arrived 40 minutes late and she told us she forgot she was supposed to lecture us that day! So we only had 20 minutes left of class, she lectured for 8 minutes and gave us a case study. Unbelievable... You ask one professor something about a due date and ask a different professor about the same topic and they will tell you different responses, it's like they do not communicate with each other about exam dates, assignments, or anything. Some of your instructors will be SUPER GOOD at teaching, while others just read off the powerpoint and don't give additional information aside from that. Some of the professors do not agree with each others teaching methods and once they literally got into an argument in front of the students, which we thought was very unprofessional. All I could say is GOOD LUCK! In each course overall average you need to get a 75 or above. If you get a 74.99, that is considered an D and you fail the course. The professors I had for my first semester got moved to different levels above and from what I hear the new professors are a lot more nice, teach you more fast and do skills checkoffs quick.
    The first semester is extremely stressful, and the final semester I hear is the same. Try not to fall behind on your readings, because there will be a lott of chapters to read. Don't give up, future nurses! c:
  10. by   akhsak
    Hello L.h21! Your feedback is really helpful, at least we know what negatives to expect so we can better prepare for it. Thank you so much for that. Also, I am moving from Los Angeles to San Antonio for the program, I was wondering if it is doable to work part time for the first semester despite the work load? You said that fafsa can only grant partial money since it's we only have part time for the semester and I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend but still we have bills to pay and such.
  11. by   akhsak
    Hey VioletKatrin, I read the email a week ago. Have you finished up with your packet yet?
  12. by   VioletKatrin
    I need to get a tdap and chest xray still so haven't turned it in quite yet.
  13. by   akhsak
    I'm missing my MMR vaccine too so that's my last one! I should be turning in mine before December 7. So excited!
  14. by   jevers2
    I'm finishing my first semester too. It's possible to work and get good grades, you just have to make sure you make time for school and make it a priority. I work 3 days a week, and have only felt really stressed out a couple of times. Make sure you ask questions if you're confused about something. Most of the frustration has come out of things like the teachers not always communicating with each other or assignments not being on the calendar. Honestly, it's not terrible. More of an annoyance. The thing is that the teachers really want you to do good. Yes, it's disorganized, but they will work with you if there is a mistake. Just stick with it and you'll get through! Good luck!!!!