Sam Houston State Nursing Fall 2016

  1. I am starting this thread to connect with other students who are wanting to get into SHSU nursing program this upcoming fall. I, too, am trying to get into the program. Feel free to comment, share tips, scores, or any questions!
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  3. by   KaleiAlana
    What is your GPA and TEAS score??
  4. by   xofergie
    Mine is a 3.5 and I'm taking the TEAS sometime in April or May!!
  5. by   KaleiAlana
    Right now I have a 3.86 GPA but thats bound to go up or down, I'm in really hard classes this semester!! And I haven't taken the TEAS yet........ I'm going to take it at the end of March and I'm sooooooo nervous! Did you already apply?
  6. by   amd078
    Hi, I am thinking about applying to the Woodlands campus for Spring '17. I have a 3.75 right now and I have not taken the teas yet. Colvin wasn't very helpful when I asked what I should aim for. Does anyone know what I should aim to get and if my Gpa is high enough for the Woodlands?
  7. by   KaleiAlana
    I'm not sure if my reply went through so I'm trying again. But yes! The previous cohort had an average TEAS score of high 70s low 80s. A competitive score would be high 80s. Your GPA is also above the previous cohort average, which was a 3.5
  8. by   xofergie
    Oh that's a great GPA! Im sure you'll do fine on your GPA! I have hard classes too so I feel ya!
    No I haven't applied yet, I'm waiting till I take my TEAS! I didn't know we could apply beforehand?
  9. by   KaleiAlana
    From what I understand you can apply even if you haven't taken the TEAS, and once you take the TEAS it will automatically update to your application. I also decided to apply for the Spring instead of the Fall semester.... so I'm not quite sure of how the application looks.
  10. by   xofergie
    That's what I thought!! Another question... Is SHSU the only nursing programs y'all applied for? I've tried looking for other places but most nursing programs require courses beforehand that I don't have like Patho. It sucks cause we can't take Pathos till we get into the Nursing program here so it eliminates all these options for me
  11. by   KaleiAlana
    SHSU is the only place I'm applying to... I thought about UTMB but Sam Houston is where I really want to be
  12. by   amd078
    I was going to apply to Sam, TWU, Lamar and Baylor. But I know with Baylor and Lamar it will set me back because there are required classes that I have have to take before hand. But Sam is where I want to be and because I am a Sam student in hoping I won't have any trouble getting in!! hopefully!
  13. by   futuresurgnurse
    I'm planning on taking my TEAS mid May!
  14. by   amd078
    I made a 78 on my TEAS! I have a 3.7 GPA so idk if I should retake it or not.