Relocating to San Antonio this Jan 2007

  1. resent1: hello! i am a med/surg/tele rn planning to relocate to san antonio this jan 2007 and wanted to ask anyone about good hospitals to work. undecided if will apply as regular or thru a travelling agency? salary ranges from different hospitals?

    thanks and have a safe holidays everyone!!!:holly2:
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    Hi Princess72. I am a RN student from San Antonio. I can't speak from experience working in SA but from the hospitals I have done my cliniclas at. The Methodist system seems to be good and I have heard many good things about it. Hopefully someone who actually works here will come along and give you some good insight. Have you tried the search feature yet? You might possibly be able to find some information that way. Best of luck.
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    Thanks for your input, how about the CHRISTUS SANTA ROSA HOSPITALS? How's the working place there?
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    Hey--miracle1986 here....found you. Am very, very sorry. My exhusband raked me thru the coals and 'her' nickname is princess. She has stalked me, had me in court,stolen my jewelry, ripped up my clothes after breaking and entering mu house.....and he has alienated his kids because of her. 'They' are worth big bucks and he never paid child support cause she put all their stuff in her name. (personal care home) I have struffled since 1988. It is a long story. But I am glad you are not her. Merry Christmas. :Holly2:
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    Good morning:

    Don't worry about it. One of the "joys" about a message board is that things can be misunderstood even when they are meant to be friendly. I'm sorry you got screwed over by your ex; amazing how one day they can love you and the next be so cruel.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays and its nice meeting you.
  7. by   Wren
    Princess...I think the big hospitals in San Antonio pay about the same...they know they are competing with each other for nurses. I'd base my decision more on the benefits, unit that I wanted to work on, how far the commute is etc. The major hospital systems are the Methodist, Baptist, University, and Christus.

    The University Hospital System is a teaching hospital and you will have residents, attendings and medical students around. Some nurses like that (me for instance) because it provides an environment of learning and not just..."we've always done it that way". Another aspect of University Hospital is that it provides a tremendous amount of free and indigent care and you have the opportunity to work with patients who may have had little or no health care and education.

    Christus Santa Rosa also has residents for some services so the working environment has some similarities but perhaps on a smaller scale. CSR also cares for a LOT of indigent, poor children so if pediatrics is your thing...this is a good place to work.

    My daughter works as an RN at Methodist and she loves it. She has been there for 5+ years and she thinks the benefits are good and won't consider leaving.

    The Baptist Healthcare system has struggled a bit financially over the years but I think that most of that is behind them. I have friends who have loved working there and others who hated it. I am sure it depends on the unit you choose and which nurse you ask!!

    Another hospital in town is the SW General Hospital but I honestly don't know much about it.

    Good luck with your job search!
  8. by   Princess72
    Thanks for the info WREN, it will surely help me in choosing. Happy Holidays to you:Holly1:
  9. by   Princess72
    Happy New Year everyone! Can anyone give me ideas if which hospital in the downtown area (San Antonio) offers best medical insurance. My husband has an extensive medical history, that's why i need to consider it.

    Thank you
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    Quote from princess72
    resent1: hello! i am a med/surg/tele rn planning to relocate to san antonio this jan 2007 and wanted to ask anyone about good hospitals to work. undecided if will apply as regular or thru a travelling agency? salary ranges from different hospitals?

    thanks and have a safe holidays everyone!!!:holly2:
    hi princess. i just finished up a travel assignment in sa. i was there for a year. i worked at northeast methodist hospital, metropolitan hospital, main methodist, and methodist specialty and transplant. northeast was by far the best. i worked primarily icu and sometimes stepdown, because travelers had to float first. i would definitely say to sign on as a traveler and maybe try christus health care system, or maybe baptist. i can say that i never actually heard anything bad about the two. the methodist healthcare system in my opion sucks. they are all hca facilities and barely get by on a daily basis. metropolitan methodist is located near downtown, so you get alot of indigent people and chronic long-termers. northeast is relaatively clean. i can say that they are all pretty petty nurses who work there though. maybe you should try the va, or university system. it being a teaching facility, they tend to be better staffed plus you have the physicians right there. hope this helps you. as a traveler i was getting only 22 dollars per hour with a 2400 dollar completion bonus. ater a few assignments, they took away the bonus and put me up to 27 and hour. starting pay i believe through the methodist system was around 17. i knew a new grad and that's what she started out with.
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  11. by   Princess72
    How's it going everyone? I just relocated here in SA and tried applying online as a regular,yet haven't heard from any of them? Is it really easy to go in as a traveller than a a permanent position. Tons of travelling agencies, both local & nationwide are calling me yet im not interested in temporary positions anymore.

    If any have some inputs to what im talking about, i really appreciate it!
    Spread the love .........................Happy Valentines Day!!!
  12. by   nicolel1182
    you need to go in and apply, you will get responses quickly
  13. by   dmsrob1014
    Hi Princess,
    I own an agency here in SA and can tell you that ALL of the hospitals are hurting for nurses right now. Benefits vary slightly from hospital to hospital. I don't offer any health benefits, so I can't help you with your husbands insurance. I can offer you some work until your permanent position comes. You could just pick up a shift or two to get you through until then. The application process is painless and you can start the next day. Let me know if I can help in any way.
  14. by   Princess72
    thanks, what is the name of your agency and which hospitals do you work with?