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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

  1. by   patty04_17
    Hey guys!!! I am also applying for the spring 2013...I am waiting on the purple letter....i'm not sure but i feel like I am pretty late on things because I took the HESI exam not to long ago...(i took the wrong one..i took the one without critical thinking ..) But mrs.A told me that it should be on its way...so I am crossing my fingers as well....I'm just curious to know what your GPA is and exam scores???
    Also, I have heard that its first come first serve....I hope not!
  2. by   jessicawaytt2
    I'm sure everything will be fine & is it really first come first serve? :/ I hope not ... I think that's unfair especially when there are always different circumstances for each person.
  3. by   naao
    They choose people who have completed their classes first before people who are still enrolled in classes. I don't think is first come first serve because they wait after the deadline before they start sending out letters
  4. by   jessicawaytt2
    That's what I wad hoping to hear.
  5. by   atrain010
    Hey patty04_17
    How did you know if signed up for the one with critical thinking ?
    I signed up to take the HESI on Wednesday this week but I'm now freaking out to know if I registered for the right one...
  6. by   patty04_17
    Well i believe its $5 more and it'll say hesi a2 and critical thinking. I dont even know who to talk to because i have not recieved anything email or by mail. I finished my application the first week of September "/
  7. by   atrain010
    The critical thinking was required right?
    I just checked and called to see which test I was scheduled for and it says that what I'm taking doesn't have critical thinking, and now I'm freaking out trying to find a test/date with the critical thinking before the deadline...
    Did you end up re-taking the HESI just to take the critical thinking part?
    Maybe you should call the school of nursing or email them to see what's going on with your app, it doesn't hurt to ask
  8. by   patty04_17
    No i just took the criical thibking part because i was satisfied with my grade for the hesi. And i emailed mrs.A and she said i should be receiving an email...that was last week and i have not received anything. It upsets me because i am on top of things yet i feel like i cant get the answer i want. Ughhhhh!!!!!!!! Lol but i wish you the best of luck!
  9. by   atrain010
    So is the Crit thinking required??
    Well it seems like you're doing a great job with being on top of things ! You know how schools are sometimes they're just a little disorganized. If they don't respond by the end of the week I would probably call.
    Thanks for the luck ! Good luck to you also !
  10. by   patty04_17
    Yes its required. I found out it was required because mrs.a emailed me saying she was only missing that part.If she wouldnt have told me i would not known lol. But yeah i am going to email her or call if i dont hear from anyone by the end of this week!Did u get the evaluation from her already?
  11. by   atrain010
    Yeah I got an evaluation from her a while back ago when I went up to the school,
    and she was just waiting on my HESI scores, so now I'm hoping I can get a test date before the deadline.
    I already paid to take it for another school but it came without the Cthinking, so i hope they refund me or just make me pay an extra 5 bucks for it.
  12. by   patty04_17
    I hope u get refunded or something! Becausei t can get expensive. She said i should get an email and nothing. Now im worrying even more! Are u still taking classes???
  13. by   atrain010
    Yeah it was like $90
    but hopefully I can get the confirmation from prometric or whatever to sign up for the right test.
    No I'm not taking anymore classes I'm done with their pre-reqs but my gpa isn't that great.