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Hi Everyone, I am taking the PSB for Collin's nursing program next week and I cannot find any information on the time limits for each section. Anybody know? Also any info about the exam would be... Read More

  1. by   Gracej
    Can somebody give me an idea of what going to be there in academic aptitude section? is the nursing PSB same as the PSB for respiratory care program at collin college ??
  2. by   VictoriaMc
    Quote from Gracej
    Can somebody give me an idea of what going to be there in academic aptitude section? is the nursing PSB same as the PSB for respiratory care program at collin college ??
    Hi I just took my PSB test yesterday and I hope I am answering you in time before you have to take yours. the academic aptitude had 90 questions, and I was given 30 minutes. There was math (mostly fractions, percentages and decimals-some conversion problems but no algebra or geometry) I am not good at math and I did not find it difficult. There were "spacial" questions just like on the PSB website practice questions. There will be a big circle and a little circle, then they will show you a big triangle and you have to find what comes next in the four multiple choices. In this case it would be the little triangle. Then there are four words and you have to choose which word out of those does not belong. That was also not hard, but they give you such little time that I was rushing through it and still did not have time to complete all 90 questions. I would suggest practicing with a timer and trying to get as many math questions as you can in a 10 minute time frame just to become accustomed with speed computing. Also, the questions were all mixed up, so you have to switch from math mode to shapes then to words. I hope this helps. Sorry I do not have an answer to your last question.
  3. by   not.done.yet
    The PSB is not graded on a flat grading scale like a classroom test. It is graded on a comparative percentile. This means that your score is calculated according to how many questions you answer correctly of those you did answer in comparison to the database of all the other people who have taken the PSB. Therefore if you get ,say, an 85% on a certain section, it does not mean you answered 85% correctly, it means you scored higher than 85% of people who have taken this test.

    The big impact of this scoring system comes in answering the questions correctly, not in answering as many as possible. Leaving questions blank has little impact on your score but answering incorrectly has huge impact. Therefore your strategy should be to answer all questions you are sure about first, then go back with whatever time is left and answer those that are less certain for you. The worst thing you can do is get in a hurry or bubble in madly in a misguided theory that any answer is better than no answer. Those tend to score very low. You are better off leaving questions blank that you are unsure about.
  4. by   rahellove
    Hello people I am applying to Collin college nursing program and I have to take the PSB exam ...can you guys give me an advice on that...I am willing to buy the study guide if you guys still have it...please reply...thank you..
  5. by   Tac2011
    Hello guys I am trying to study for the PSB and was wondering if anyone knows of a tutor for the test?
  6. by   Bianca_French
    Hey there! I am new on here! I registered to take my PSB exam Ausuts 14,2018! But I want to know what website, book or flash cards I can use to study for it! I def need the practice ASAP. Please let me know what I can use to study!