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  1. Hello guys, this is my first time posting and I am currently a prospective nursing student. I have already applied to 4 BSN Programs for the Fall 2004 semester, UTMB, UT-Houston, Prairie View, and TWU-Houston. I have a sense of worryness because I will find out soon to whether I will be considered into these programs. With a 3.4 undergrad GPA/hopsital volunteer experience/and experience with patients, what are my chances esp. with a sudden rush in the nursing field. I had just recently took the NET exam for PV and I passed. How are the acceptance rates into these schools? Anybody know anything about the PV school of nursing? I heard it was a good school.

    Another question is I am thinkin of also applyin to ADN programs. What are the names of good Houston-area ADN programs. Doesnt Memorial Hermann or
    Polly Ryon have an ADN program?

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  3. by   Princess_WannaBe
    I will be applying to nursing school next year and I am interested in some of the schools you mentioned. UT-Houston, and TUW-Houston are my top two picks so any insight on their process would surly help. I know PV has a nursing program but when I went to their website I didn't see any information about the program at all. What prereqs are required (I will be taking my prereqs this summer at a JC) and the admission process? Good luck in that you get into the schools you want.