proof of enrollment for twu?

  1. Hey yall. Happy new years eve! I have a quick question for those who are applying to TWU in houston for the fall 2006. I read under the section of the application where you're supposed to list the classes you are taking prior to enrollment that you need to submit proof of enrollment for those classes. What did you send for that? Did you just simply print something off the computer and attach it to your application or did you go into your schools office and get like an official proof of enrollment. I'm getting nervous now b/c my school doesnt reopen until the 5th so now I have to wait if I need to get an official statement of proof of enrollment and I'm just so worried my application isn't going to get to TWU by Jan 15th. Well, please help me if you can. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    I think I just sent my schedule that I printed off the computer.