Prairie View Fall 2013 Applicants

  1. Anybody else applying to PV? If so when should we receive letters in the mail? And how was your experience applying to the school?
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  3. by   Moneca
    Hello, I applied for fall 2013, I believe we are going to received the letters at the end of this month.
  4. by   Precious.Panda
    I've heard some people already reiceived the letter of acceptance before spring break
  5. by   Moneca
    Oh no, I have not received anything. Do you think they are the ones that had a provisional acceptance letter from Spring 2013?
  6. by   lalacb123
    Maybe so, the only thing i've heard is people receiving the purple app. I spoke to ms. A as well, she also stated the end of the month is when we'll receive the letters.
  7. by   Moneca
    Hey lalacb123,
    Do you have everything complete? All your classes?
  8. by   lalacb123
    No. I'm currently taking speech and intro to computers, then I'll be complete.
  9. by   Moneca
    Me too. I am currently taking Intro to Com and Art, I hope we get in. I also apply for UT, but I have a better chance to get in PV. If you hear something let me know please. Thank you
  10. by   lalacb123
    I sure will.
  11. by   Moneca
    Any news!!!
  12. by   lalacb123
    I haven't heard anything.
  13. by   ccjones
    Hey guys, I just got my acceptance letter from PV on the 23rd! So they're still coming out. Best luck to all you guys
  14. by   lalacb123
    Congratulations!!! I'm sure all the letters were mailed out on Saturday, I more than likely got waitlisted unfortunately. Best of luck to you!