Prairie View A&M Nursing Applicants Spring 2013 - page 16

I was wondering if anyone is applying for Prairie View A&M Nursing program for Spring 2013. I have seen previous application cycles but none for Spring 2013. If you are applying or previously applied... Read More

  1. by   peaches1018
    For those of you that got accepted, what was the deadline for your reply?
  2. by   nurse.stg
    I got waitlisted too by the way
  3. by   peaches1018
    Any news from the people on the wait list?
  4. by   peaches1018
    Got accepted to UTHSC Houston so I guess no more Prairie View
  5. by   nurse.stg
    Congratulations!! I'm glad you got in somewhere as good luck. Guess it worked out for all of us
  6. by   nurse.stg
    I meant and** good luck not as.
  7. by   highflyer-j
    Hi guys, how is everyone? its been a while since Ive been on here thanks to school. So how is everyone I cant believe we're less than 2 months(give or take a week or two) away from starting. So did anyone make it to the open house today, if so how was it.
  8. by   miss futureRN
    Quote from peaches1018
    Thanks for the heads up
    Did you have to get accepted to the main campus first before applying to the nursing school?
  9. by   MedChica
    does Prairie View wait-list everyone? LOL

    Congrats on getting into UTHSC. That's a good school.
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  10. by   sol0305
    Hi all, I'm going to apply to PVAM for fall 2013. And it is confusing me quite much on how the application process works. What is clinical studies upper division? Do I have to do anything else other than the 9 thing listed on admission acceptance? For example like all the immunization and CPR, etc... Thanks in advance
  11. by   Moneca
    Hello, I am applying for the Spring 2014 and I want to know if you got accepted?
  12. by   Ken979
    What did you use to study for hesi,im nervous