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Hi, I have a job interview with parkland next week for the Nurse Internship Position in L&D. I'm a little nervous about it. They want you to sign a 2 year contract. I'm a little reserved about that.... Read More

  1. by   GoMavs
    Quote from dolsen
    I also applied at texas Health resources but have not heard from them either. I wonder when they will have another orientation.
    --did you ever hear back from THR, i heard they have scheduled interviews. But haven't gotten an email yet :/
  2. by   lima_jag
    Hey OScar. I have accepted a residency position in Parkland ER. Would love to hear how its going for you.. can u be my mentor?lol. shoot me an email at if you can.
  3. by   frylockholmes
    Sorry I never came back afterwards. I ended up getting an offer, taking it, and now that I'm out of residency, I really really love the work I do. I got stuck on nights(hate it!), and I feel very tied down with the 2 year contract(which, by the way, starts AFTER you get out of residency), but I'm sure I'll feel better when my contract is up and I'm free to leave or stay(just having an option would make me feel better). Overall, I'd say that if you truly love your area of nursing and love providing excellent care to your patients, this is a good place to work, but if you came to get easy money, you will not like it here. You WILL work your butt off.
  4. by   cbranch4
    Hi are you still employed there I have a interview, what should I be expecting in the interview? Will it start in June? Im graduating from a school in Memphis and I wont be graduating until May 31st and do you know any other places in the Dallas area hiring graduate nurses. I will have my Masters and license by the time I graduate.

  5. by   RNTin07
    For those that applied to the L&D position and interviewed. How were the interview questions? Behavioral? Clinical? Situational?
  6. by   zeanavazio
    Hey, lima_jag,

    I know how random this sounds, but I was wondering if you could tell me anything about your position in Parkland Hospitals ER. I will be attending an interview next week for the ER Residency Program and I am so excited. Please message me back or email me at if you see this! Thank you!