Parkland Graduate Nurse Internship Summer 2016

  1. Hi guys!

    I know this is wildly early but I just officially completed Nursing III and I want to get an early start on job hunting. I graduate from an ADN program May 2016 (with plans of returning for a BSN at UTA in 2017) and I would love the opportunity to participate in the Parkland Adult Critical Care residency. Although my heart is set on critical care, I'm also open to OR, ER, & Perinatal.

    For new/upcoming graduates: This thread is to create a safe place for us to be in the know for the upcoming application period and all the craziness and waiting posts that come with it.

    For seasoned nurses or current new nurses in the program: Please feel free to lick our wounds by informing us of the logistics of the program, starting pay, interview tips, resume tips, and anything else you may think if helpful!
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  3. by   enigmatism
    I am hoping to apply too! Nice to meet you! Do you know when the application opens up for the summer residency?
  4. by   raidergirl95
    Website doesn't give a date yet. I'm also applying. Grad from TTUHSC in May.
  5. by   Rico713
    They have to email you the critical care internship application
  6. by   JoJo_Mommy
    For the Critical Care Trauma nurse residency you have to have a bachelors degree, if that's what you are speaking of.
  7. by   cgordon13
    Hey guys, I just applied to the summer Critical Care and the NICU programs. I can't seem to find any information about the timeline for the application process. Does anyone know?
  8. by   iwantaj0b
    I believe the deadline for the critical care and trauma internship has passed. As far as NNICU, from what I hear it takes a few weeks to hear back from a recruiter. You might get e-mails that your application is being reviewed by a manager or something. I would definitely try to make calls to speak to a recruiter directly to find the most accurate information.
  9. by   JoJo_Mommy
    I got an email today to interview for the ED at Parkland
  10. by   chasity_RN
    I got an e-mail stating that I was not chosen to interview for the ED program. I also applied for L&D and Med/Surg but I never got a reply. I received an offer in Houston for Memorial Hermann and have decided to accept. I still have dreams of Parkland and Dallas but they will be put on hold for at least 2 years!