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  1. Hi !
    I am a new graduate RN from another state. I am thinking to move to Texas, and I am applying for a staff med/surg RN position in NWHS Hospital in Amarillo. I have read some scary comments online about how nurses are badly treated there
    (being verbaly and physicaly abused by doctors). Also does anyone know what pay per hour to expect for the start as a new grad RN there?
    I will appreciate any feedback ,
    Thanks, Granny RN
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  3. by   eliselu2
    Hi Granny RN -
    I'm also being recruited by NWTHS as a new grad RN. Like you, it means relocating from a nearby state. I haven't heard any recent bad things about staff/physician concerns. The nurse mgr I interviewed w/ was very comfortable to talk with and readily answered questions. I have considered a quick road trip to tour the hospital and floor, just to get a good feel about the offer.
    The pay I was offered is not as high as the area where I live, but, Amarillo is a smaller city. And, there are few, if any, new grad RN jobs here. The floor I was offered would open up future opportunities, which is another consideration for me.
    Have you talked to the recruiter or any of the nurse managers? Here is my email address - eliselu2@aol.com, if you'd like to discuss this further off site.
    Good luck to you!
  4. by   Dvrmerck
    Worked ICU there for two years. If people are writing negativly about that hospital there is a good reason.

    Try Baptist St. Anthony's instead.
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  5. by   adgarner1
    I am from the area, born and raised. Did clinicals at both hospitals. There were good and bad things I found at both places. I don't think you'd hate either one, but it probably depends on the area. I would like to warn you about the area though. There is not much to do in Amarillo, and the closest "big city" would be OKC 4hrs away or Dallas at roughly 6. Also the WEATHER, whoa! It's triples in the summer and negatives and snow in the winter, but ALWAYS windy and dry. DRY DRY DRY! I have people ask me all the time about the area where I am from(I'm a traveler now), and they are shocked when I tell them. They just assume Texas is Texas and so Amarillo is probably like Dallas, or Austin. Amarillo will be nice for you, the people are wonderful and the town is big enough to relax and have everything you need. Lots of small towns around the area, so Amarillo is the hub for the entire panhandle. So you'll get a good variety of patients.
  6. by   Dvrmerck
    This hospital was recently listed as the 6th worst hospital in the state of Texas by Medicaid as reported by Consumer Reports. I don't need to tell anyone how bad this hospital is because the magazine Consumer Reports did it for me. I did not find Amarillo to be a nice town.
  7. by   usrn1
    I worked at NWTH CCU/ICU as a new RN several years ago and had a great experience. Moving back and I'm thinking in applying again!