New "09" Fall Lone Star North Harris Students - page 9

CONGRATULATIONS :yeah:to all that got accepted into the nursing program at Lone Star College and also the ones put on as alternates (hang in there, I have read good news for alternates in previous... Read More

  1. by   Lizzienick311
    Another question - I got my nursing ID badge made last week... Are we supposed to wear it on a lanyard or something around our necks?
  2. by   Tyshe
    You are so right,, we do need books for the prep class.. I forgot,,,.. I will get them ASAP.. Thanks for reminding me.. I thought we didnt need any books for that class... I am not sure about the nurse badge.. Did you get it from the Library? I remember in orientation they said we had to get them from the Library... How much did it cost or was it free?
  3. by   angels_eyes4884
    hi guys... im also a student for the new 09 nh nursing department... i was an alternative to begin and then got lucky to be part of this class. yeheyyyyyyyyyy anyways very excited for this coming monday... ummm 1 question i know we need 3 books for this summer class... fundamentals of nursing by taylor, taylor's clinical nursing skills by lynn, and last one have no idea can someone tell me plsss thank you all...
  4. by   lpaige
    The three books are: Fundamentals of nursing, and then the 2 taylor clincal nursing skills books. One is a nursing process approach and the other is the skills checklist. Hope this helps. I have been pricing books and it seems like amazon is the cheapest so far. If anyone finds somewhere cheaper... please post the website on here.
  5. by   Tyshe
    Congrats angel eyes 4884.,I know you are very excited..

    lpaige- I agree with you, those books are expensive.. if you sign up with Barnes and Nobles they usually send coupons like 20% or 25% off with free shipping. It helps a little bit. I am currently taking pharmacology and I was able to find the book brand new for $35.00 on Amazon, while my classmate bought the book at the school book store for over $100.00. Amazon is pretty much the best place to shop for books..

    Hi Lizzienick- Monday is a couple of days away.. We are getting extremely close.. I remember when we recieved our letters in April, time is moving too fast....
  6. by   June59
    Does anyone know where LSNH does clinicals?