New nurse and need job advice

  1. Okay, I'm a second career health professional just looking for wisdom on starting my nursing career in Texas. I have a few questions and would be very appreciative of your advice.

    I have 3 degrees and I practice currently as a Chiropractor which is a Doctorate level first professional degree. My undergrad is a BS in Human Anatomy and my nursing is an ADN. I am licensed and have 10 years experience with direct patient care, ZERO as an RN.

    1. What positions do ADN's usually apply for and receive at hospitals? Med-Surg?
    2. Where are the chances better at being hired and getting that first year experience?
    Home health & Long-term care only or do hospitals still take ADN novices?
    3. What is the application process for internships like Versant? Same as applying for a job and then the hospital decides?
    4. Since my patient care experience is as a chiropractor would a nurse refresher course do anything for me to gain practical skills? Would it matter in my case anyway?

    Thanks and I'm in the DFW area.
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  3. by   HouTx
    How long ago did you receive your nursing license? If it has been a while, I definitely recommend a refresher course.

    You will be classified as "no experience" as far as nursing goes, because your prior licensure was not in a profession that has anything in common with nursing. Based on recent information & new grad experience reported here on AN, the DFW area is a very difficult market for new grads. Most large hospitals prefer BSN grads. You should probably focus on LTC and smaller community or rural facilities.

    Good luck on your job search
  4. by   chiromed0
    Licensed in July. I wouldn't say "nothing" in common with nursing; physical exams, vitals, case management and some therapy interventions. However, you are indeed correct on the technical side I employ different medical equipment more in common with a physical therapist than nurses. Honestly, my trepidation is on the technical side since I have 200-300 patient interactions a week and thousands in the past decade. I suppose I feel very comfortable with patients and less so with the actual work environment.

    To my question of the internships with Versant, which seem to be what I need, the people accepted have backgrounds from zero healthcare at all and ADN's to BSN's and no work experience. It seems to me than at least some of my background should suffice.
    I do agree I have zero nursing experience but some of these others have zero, too, and were hired on as interns.

    I plan on applying in outlying areas b/c the commute is the same w/o the metro drawback of traffic, etc. It does surprise me though that while I can gain entry directly into a MSN program and skip BSN (it's integrated to some extent) and by-pass general nursing, I can't be competitive to be hired for entry level nursing without the BSN? Seems a little backward to me.

    Thank you for the advice, well taken.