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Hi i was just curious about salaries for new grads. I have a class mate who is moving to Texas I think she will be working at teh houston medical center or something like that. Anyways she said that... Read More

  1. by   joey442000
    No your right about the interview day where everyone comes at the same time, but she told me since i am not in east tn right now i can make an appointment to get interviewed before then because she thought it might intewrfere with my classes. I think she did this cause most people applying are coming from the knoxville area andi am in middle tennessee going to school. I think it scheduled around UT's and other knoxville area colleges spring break too.
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  2. by   shirleyTX
    I think there really nice to accommodate students out of town. I wish you all the best of luck, and will probley see you at orientation.
    Good luck and think, "its almost over"
  3. by   joey442000
    Hey shirley i tried pming you but your box is full. I was wondering how your interview with fort sanders went? Have you heard back from them yet?