Need NCLEX review class - Houston

  1. Does anyone know of a NCLEX review class being held in the Houston area in late July or August 2004?
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  3. by   purplemania
    go online to find out dates/times

    Or, call the local nursing schools. They may have info.
  4. by   Sarah8714
    Hi! I went to Kaplan and was not very thrilled with the results. The class was huge and all the lady did was stand up in front with multiple choice questions to review as a class. She also would contradict herself through the entire thing and she would answer the questions wrong herself. I think I just had a bad experience at one of them because another person I talked to went to a different one and had totally different notes and approach.

    I have also heard of very good reviews on NEC program that will be in Lubbock on August 9th and 10th