Nclex Steps

  1. Hi I would like to apply for NCLEX but before I should apply for the state,and i want to apply for Texas board but i don't know which form,i read the site it's plenty of forms.

    What are the requirements and documents as Foreign RN?and which form is?

    Thank you
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  3. by   groundinghubris
    the texas bne site has an email contact link, try asking there. i have no clue as to the answer as all our paperwork was done for us through school. even then out of state and country is probably very different. if no help let me know and i can phone them for answer.
    i saw you listed as from beirut and want to help. i have a dear friend from there haven't heard from in two weeks now and worried the bombs got him. he lived in southern section.
    i don't get to check in here often so you can email me if you need to,
  4. by   spacecase
    If you are a foreign nurse coming into the U.S. I would definately suggest taking a review course for the NCLEX. Kaplan has a really good one for international nurses.

    I would go to the National council's web site and give them a call. I know you have to go through CGFNS and submit your school transcripts. Then you can get permission to take the test. Do not submit your request for a test date until you are ready though because you only have 3 months to take the exam after you get approval.

    The whole process takes about a month I think.

    email me at
  5. by   nurse_plush
    Hi, may I ask how long does the process of nclex application take for texas, until time of eligibility to the att?

    thank you