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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I... Read More

  1. by   amac77
    Congratulations! When is orientation?
  2. by   Diana0208
    April 30th
  3. by   makey11
    Diana- I believe you join into the current freshman ADN class when we start back up in the summer for our sophomore year. Congrats!!! See you soon.
  4. by   Diana0208
  5. by   didn't get in
    I also applied to the ADN program at Navarro college. I did get a call but no official letter yet.
  6. by   didn't get in
    Did you get an actual letter or a phone call?
  7. by   Cheyenne91
    Did you apply for the bridge program or the generic? I applied for the generic and I have not heard anything yet.
  8. by   didn't get in
    Generic. got a call from ***** that I was in pending outcome from BON waiting for that she said it can take a while

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  9. by   didn't get in
    I sent an email cause I was so nervous, and she reassured me I would be ok if I got everything back before clinicals stared. but I did get a call saying I was in. but until I get an official letter I will continue to wait nervously like everyone else.
  10. by   didn't get in
    Is orientation really April 30th. for ADN program also?
  11. by   amac77
    Quote from Diana0208
    I got in!
    Did you get an email or a phone call? I called yesterday to see how much longer since I was told about a month...about a month ago. The lady that I talked to said "they are still going through the applications. You should keep checking your email."
  12. by   didn't get in
    I got a phone call. No email yet or letter. Was I supposed to write a letter of intent to enroll in a BSN program? Email it or was I to send it with my packet or can I still do that?
  13. by   Cheyenne91
    I was told at the info meeting that orientation is in July for generic. I think July 30th but don't quote me on that.